Welcome to T Mallon Woodworker- my name is actually Tom, I hope you'll call me that. I love to build beautiful items from fine wood! Most of my work has involved building boxes for humidors and jewelry. I have also made some furniture and a whole bunch of toys. Most of my stuff has been sold at Arts and Crafts Fairs in California.

Incidentally, that is not my house on the front page! We actually have windows and live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada just south of Yosemite National Park.

On this web site, there will be displays of some of my work, and,tutorials about my methods of woodworking. There will be links to other good information and, a bookstore featuring books at a discount that will be of significant help in augmenting these tutorials and expanding your woodworking horizons. Regardless of your level of experience, I am soliciting your input about these tutorials, their clarity and completeness. Please email me your comments! We are just begining, not all of these links to my tutorials are active as yet, come back soon to see the new ones! The planned initial group of tutorials are here:

Box design, planning and Materials

Practical Box Layout Methods: the Sides

Box Design & Layout: the Top and Bottom

Cutting and Routing Box parts

Glue up and cutting off the Lid

Finishing the Box

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Fonts used on this Site

Fitting out the Interior

Gallery of Boxes by Tom

Graphics and Paint Shop Pro

A jewelry box of quarter-sawn oak

Oak Jewelry Box

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