The Monument

at Sesquicentennial Plaza
Hwy. 75 North at I-45, Exit 118
Huntsville, Texas

As you look at the Correction Officer Memorial from Interstate 45, it appears much like any other monument. The sun was beating down on my head as I walked across a grassy field to get to it because no roadway has been made to the site. The closer I came, the more impressive the monument became.

As I was standing at the entrance to the monument (between the two flags), I looked up into the sun at the silouetted star atop the blackened rock, and listened to tranquil sound of water as it flowed down the rock. There was a sense of peace in standing there, alone, with just the memorial stepping stones.

Too many TDCJ staff members have died in the line of duty while working for the Texas prison system. Their names are etched in square tiles on the north side of the monument. This page is for those men and women who walked before us, who gave their lives to protect the public from the criminals locked behind the walls and razor wire of our prisons.

Above: The monument from U.S. Hwy. 75.
Right: Water glistens in the sun as it flows down the blackened rock.


This row is dedicated to our valiant staff members
who have fallen in the line of duty

Elizabeth Yvonne Beseda
Huntsville Unit
Aug. 3, 1974

John B. Brown
Correction Officer
Central Unit
Dec. 5, 1928 - Jul. 18, 19977

Cephus D Burson
Eastham Unit
Aug. 18, 1922 - Oct. 1, 1980

Dalton B. Cawthray
Correction Officer
Clemens Unit
Jun. 12, 1939 - Jan. 5, 1984

Joe Crowson
Eastham Unit
Jan. 17, 1934

James Dimanoff
Correction Officer
Gatesville Unit
Jan. 26, 19410 - Oct. 14, 1997

Francisco Garza
Correction Officer
Dominquez State Jail
Aug. 31, 1999

Joe F. Gurney
George Beto Unit
Jan. 23, 1949 - Aug. 12, 1988

Arthur B. Hanes, Jr.
Construction Worker
George Beto Unit
Oct. 31, 1941 - Nob. 11, 1996

Bill C. Himstedt
Correction Officer
Huntsville Unit
Feb. 10, 1937 - Aug. 7, 1998

Minnie R. Houston
Correction Officer
O. B. Ellis Unit
May 4, 1944 0 Jun. 3, 1985

Robert A. Hunt
Maintenance Supervisor
John M. Wynne Unit
Mar. 18, 1949 - Jun. 6, 1984

Sidney L. Lyons
Maintenance Supervisor
W. F. Ramsey III Unit
Sep. 1, 1931 - Nov. 19, 1989

Charlotte Moffett
Correctional Officer III
Ferguson Unit
Jul. 7, 2001

Billy M. Moore
Farm Manager
O. B. Ellis Unit
Sep. 2, 1931 - Apr. 4, 1981

Daniel Nagle
Correction Officer
McConnell Unit
Dec. 17, 1999

Rhonda Osborne
Connally Unit
1971 - Oct. 21, 2004

Wallace Pack
O. B. Ellis Unit
Apr. 4, 1981

Timothy D. Parsley, Sr.
Gib Lewis Unit
Jan. 14, 1957 - Oct. 1, 1996

Will Roder
Correction Officer

Jim Sneed
Correction Officer
Retrieve Unit
Jul. 25, 1931

Jilia Standley
Huntsville Unit
Aug. 3, 1971

Stephen Stewart
Pest Control Inspector
John M. Wynne Unit
Jan. 7, 1994

Stanley A. Wiley
Industrial Specialist
Clements Unit
Jan. 29, 2003



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