Mira Costa

Instructor Tom DeDonno

For All e-mails make sure you start the subject line with either CS111 or CS112

currently teaching at SaddleBack


CIS 112 Term Project BattleShip - for extra credit CIS111 may enter battleship contest
Class Web-Boards below are used to discuss homework and any Java questions.
Students are encouraged to both ask and answer questions.
CIS111 Web Board
CIS112 Web Board
Lab Cheat Sheet - For Compiling and Executing Java Programs
Most Computers Should have Java If Not Let Me Know

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I will be using forte Java IDE and VIM (Improved VI). At home, you may use whatever you want. However for tests and in-lab assignments you must be able to use the Java and IDE available in the lab. Borland JBuilder 6.0 and Microsoft Visual J++ 1.0 didn't load correctly on my home computer running Windows XP, thank you Microsoft.