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Ron Antens

Hugo Verweij Arjen Bos Jan van de Sanden  

A unique Dutch ensemble

In 1992 the musical community in the Netherlands was enriched by an ensemble with a special blend. The Dutch Tuba Quartet (TDTQ), consists of Hugo Verweij and Arjen Bos (euphoniums), Jan van de Sanden (F-tuba) and Ron Antens (CC-tuba). Their enthousiasm for tuba-music has led to many concerts, workshops, courses and radio-broadcasts in Holland and abroad.
TDTQ recorded their first CD ('Four Keen Guys') in 1996, followed by a second CD ('Escape from Oom-Pah Land') in 1998. The third CD was presented May 25, 2003.
The quartet is well-known for its artistic qualities and the well-chosen repertoire.

TDTQ has also been noticed abroad. At the invitation of Steven Mead, they did some concerts at the 1995 and 1997 National Tuba/Euphonium Conference in Birmingham, England.

In the year 2000 the quartet was invited to perform in Manchester, England and they performed during the International Tuba and Euphonium Conference 2000 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Both Hugo and Arjen acted as adjudicators in the competitions held at the ITEC 2000 in Canada.

To conclude the international escapades: also Germany has fallen for the rich sounds of TDTQ.

The repertoire

TDTQ's repertoire is versatile. Well-known and beloved repertoire is programmed next to experimental and avant-garde pieces. Arrangements of classical repertoire, original repertoire for tubaquartet, but also marches from the world of wind- and brass are programmed on a regular base. Ragtimes, jazz-pieces, folkmusic and even some serious rockmusic are placed on the music-stands.

TDTQ's CD's are distributed by the label World Wind Music and find their ways in Holland and abroad. The third CD was recorded in january 2003, again with World Wind Music, and was presented during a special concert on May 25 2003.

TDTQ's contributions to the repertoire for tubaquartet

Good music for tubaquartet is hard to find. Fortunately, TDTQ was able to get some composers to write especially for them. You can find these pieces in the table below:

Title Composer Occasion Recorded at
Three Movements for Four Tuba's Keith Beal Second National Conference of Tuba and Euphonium, Birmingham (England) Four Keen Guys 
(2nd part)
Tuphonium Frigyes Hidas National Tuba- and Euphoniumday Hedel (Holland), januari 1998  Escape from Oom-pah Land
Wolf the Cat Peter Kleine Schaars International Tuba- and Euphonium Conference 2000, Regina (Canada) Wolkenschatten
Freylekhs fun der Khupe Hugo Verweij   Wolkenschatten
Der Kusid geyt Tantsn Hugo Verweij   Wolkenschatten
Dark nights in Praha Andreas van Zoelen Traces of Brass-festival april 2003, Tilburg (Holland)