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Salary / Earnings

Median annual earnings of kindergarten, elementary, and secondary school teachers ranged from $33,590 to $37,890 in 1998; the lowest 10 percent, $19,710 to $24,390; the top 10 percent, $53,720 to $70,030.

In some schools, teachers receive extra pay for coaching sports and working with students in extracurricular activities. Some teachers earn extra income during the summer working in the school system or in other jobs.

Job Outlook

The job market for teachers varies widely by geographic area and by subject specialty. Many inner cities—often characterized by overcrowded conditions and higher than average....more 

Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement

All 50 States and the District of Columbia require public school teachers to be licensed.  A license is not required for teachers in private schools. Usually a license is granted by the State board of education....more


My Education Plans for this Career

I plan to attend Millersville University and major in Secondary Education, with a minor in Computer Applications.  I will enter Millersville in the spring semester, (January - May) since I need to work fulltime this summer and into the fall in order to afford the tuition fees.  I will be paying for all my college expenses myself, so I will eventually need to apply for a PHEA loan, Pennsylvania Higher Education Association loan to pay for the rest of my college years.  I hope to graduate in four years with a Bachelor of Science in Education. 


My Dream Job

My dream is to be a high school teacher working in a new school with modern classrooms where every student has a computer connected to the Internet.  These students would be extremely motivated to and interested in learning how to design and publish content to the Internet.  Students would use these computers for research and education seeing the wonderful opportunities for learning, growth and personal development.  The ultimate outcome from my dream job would be the dynamic and professionally designed web sites that every student would create.  These web sites would be an online portfolio demonstrating skills in 14 classifications of computer applications.  That is my dream job.








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