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2. Definition

Main Entry: pro·gram·ming
Variant(s): also pro·gram·ing /-mi[ng]/
Function: noun
Date: 1940
1 : the planning, scheduling, or performing of a program
2 a : the process of instructing or learning by means of an instructional program b : the process of preparing an instructional program

3. My Examples

3a. Web Form Elements:

One-Line Text Box
Scrolling Text Box
Check Box yes     no
Radio Button blue     red     orange
Drop-Down Menu
Push Button

3 b. Survey Form:

First Name
Last Name
Grade Level 9    10    11    12
Business IT Courses Taken 1    2    3    4    5
Comments about Business IT    Department and Courses
Plans after High School
Send Data

3 c. Survey Question on Home Page
        (XFL survey added to home page)

3 d. DynamicDrive.com JavaScript
        ( see mouse trails on this page)

3 e. Counter added to Home Page
         FastCounter.com and IPstat.com added to home page

4. Writing: Adding dynamic scripts and interactive web forms to a web page is very easy using Front Page 2000.  One of the powerful features built into Front Page 2000 is the direct access to the HTML source code.  This ability to switch between page view, HTML view and preview enables the web editor to easily  work with the source code directly.   Another powerful feature is the "insert--advanced" menu item.  This menu item will allow the editor to insert HTML, Java, and ActiveX code directly.  These features provide the web programmer with powerful tools and techniques to create dynamic web pages.  It is imperative that web designers  learn how to work directly with their programming code.

5. Skills Related to Programming

Editing HTML source code
Adding JavaScript source code
Creating web forms
Configuring web forms to use CGI scripts

6. Online Resources

Hyperlink 1 
Hyperlink 2 
Hyperlink 3 
Hyperlink 4

7. Tutorials for Programming

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

8. Careers in Programming

Computer Programming info from OOH Site
Operations research analysts

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