Pixel Paint
Windows NT
GIF Animation


1. Animated Banner 450 x 40 that includes the words GIF Animation.

2. Definition for GIF Animation (Include a link to the web site for the online dictionary http://m-w.com)

3. My Examples

A) TeamCIA class slogan: This animation will present the classroom slogan, "What do you want to learn today?" TeamCIA. You must include at least one image transition. The animation must hyperlink to http://TeamCIA.com The animation speed must be created to allow for the slogan to be read.

This animation is 19 frames with a fade effect between the last two cells.  The fade effect last for 2 seconds and is at a rate of 5 frames per seconds creating 10 frames for the effect. The speed of this animation is 9 seconds at 28.8K.

B) Motivational Quote Animation: This animation will be a positive and motivational quote by a known author. Images must be included to support the quote. You may place more then one word in a cell. This animation could be built with a minimum of 2 cells! This animation is limited to 20 cells. Your animation will finish with the Author's name. Need to find a quote? Try these links... http://dir.yahoo.com/Reference/Quotations/

C) PVHS sport or activity animation: This animation must advertise or promote a PVHS activity or sport. The animation must be positive and supportive of the activity.

D) A Micro Button animation: The size will be 88 x 31 pixels. The button will advertise your web site. This button will prompt users to click the button. Your micro button will then be shared with classmates who will place it on their web site and hyperlink the button to your web site.

4. Writing to support examples: Included in the writing will be the various settings, frame delays, numbers of cells, types of image transitions and various settings used.

5. Skills for Animation List 9 to 12 specific skills learned

Transparent GIF Background Color
Image Effects Save as...GIF
Transition Effects 256 Color Depth

6. Online Resources: 

Link to JASC makers of Animation shop, 
Link to the Animated GIF Artist Guild

7. Online Tutorials Locate 3 or more GIF animation tutorials

Espresso Graphics.com Links to animation

8. Careers List at least 3 jobs that could use GIF animation



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