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Team England in the Media

This page is dedicated to our appearances in the media, and also our support from our sponsors and backers. Press Releases can also be found here, if you wish to be added to our mailing list access our contact page for more details.

GB Swimmer Chris Cozens at a recent photoshoot
09/01/04 - Chris Cozens popped along to give his backing for the swamp soccer team to become world champions. He was even caught in a few photos with members of the squad.  Chris Cozens at a recent Team England photo shoot  

At the photo-shoot Chris joked "these guys are committed, they've been going to sleep with their feet in a bucket of mud for months now". Before giving the team his best wishes. 

Chris Cozens' honours include;  World University Games Gold Medallist 2001, 2003.
British Champion and Record Holder 100m Freestyle.
Commonwealth Games and World Championships Finalist. Article in the Loughborough Echo 15/01/04

15/01/04 - The Loughborough Echo get hold off the story of Team England. Making the back page of the local newspaper.

They also hope to keep up-to-date with Team England's progress as the squad aim to bring home the trophy.

20/1/04 - Team England are contacted by BBC Radio Leicester and the Leicester Mercury newspaper who both wish to run pieces on the story. Article on the LCR 1350AM Website

21/1/04 - Iain Murray announced as Team England's vice captain, he is a quality player with a range of experience at this level, currently captaining a Loughborough University hall side.

21/1/04 - Team England manager Peter Simmons and vice-captain Iain Murray appear live on 'Control Sport' show on LCR 1350AM. Thousands tune in as our two representatives give a great review of Team England and Swamp Soccer across the Leicestershire airwaves.

LCR follow up the piece by adding an article and link to their website. Hopefully an audio download and some screenshots from the LSU webcam.

Team England members and John James (BBC Radio Leics) 21/01/0421/1/04 - BBC Radio Leicester reporter John James visits Team England's training base, meeting Jaime Noorhaizamdin, Rich Mulley, Clare Farrow, skipper Jouni Ronkainen and manager PeteMore shots with John James of BBC Radio Leicester 21/01/04 Simmons. John interviews the players as well as getting some sounds effects for the report.

22/1/04 - 7.25am!!! The Team England report from the day before is broadcast on BBC Radio Leicester.

22/1/04 - Stel Grekos (LSAU President) is contacted by Carlton Television, Central News for Team England contact details. Central News are hopeful or filming a piece for their daily program on ITV. 

23/1/04 - The BBC website runs a piece on Team England with a downloadable audio file of the 104.9FM BBC Radio Leicester feature from earlier in the week.

104.9FM BBC Leicester Radio
Howard Bailey lifts the JP Challenge Cup1/2/04 - Team England enter a side in a Universitty tournament, reaching the final and losing to a golden goal in the last minute of the extra-time. Representatives include Jouni Ronkainen, Iain Murray, Pete Simmons, Howard Bailey and Martin Rix.
Jouni, Pete and Rixy in the press box at Leicester City FC
8/2/04 - Howard Bailey and Jouni Ronkainen lift the JP Challenge trophy after both took penalties in a shoot-out to win their side the cup for the first time in its history.

10/2/04 - Team England's Pete Simmons, Jouni Ronkainen and Martin Rix are all guests in the Leicester City FC Press Box for their 1-1 draw with Bolton Wanderers FC.

17/2/04 - Interview takes place with the Leicester Mercury. BBC East Midlands Today have voiced their interest in filming a piece on Team England.

Article in the Leicester Mercury 03/03/0419/2/04 - Photo-shoot takes place with the Leicester Mercury, Team England representatives include: Pete Simmons, Jouni Ronkainen, Howard Bailey, Jaime Noorhaizamdin, Rich 'Spaniard' Sutcliffe, Adam Shorey, Marc Brown, Andy Dennis, Ozzy Fahmy and Nathan Robertson.

3/3/04 - Article featured in the Leicester Mercury newspaper and on their joint 'thisisleicestershire' website. An article on the 'thisisleicestershire' website

4/3/04 - Carlton Television again voice their interest in filming the Team England world cup squad with footage from the tournament initially for their Central News programme.

5/3/04 - Team England skipper Jouni Ronkainen has a follow up meeting with Loughborough University's head of sponsorship. Whilst manager Pete Simmons welcomes two new members to his backroom staff in James Ford and Shayal An article on the Taunton Times websiteChhibber. Simmons also announces a proposal for a friendly football match against a Loughborough Students squads team. Details to follow.... 
Article in the Cheddar Valley GazetteSomerset based photo-shoot
20/3/04 - The DVD of the Swamp Soccer World Championships arrives, an official screening is planned behind closed doors. Carlton TV show an interest in filming Team England training in Loughborough University's Olympic swimming pool!

30/3/04 - Richard Bailey is the latest high profile figure to join the Team England backroom staff as Chief Executive. Somerset based photo-shootManager Pete Simmons commented "He is a very welcome addition to our set-up. He has a lot of contacts in the game and has a great knowledge base that will improve our training methods and ability technically."

10/4/04 - A popular London-based Finnish magazine contacts skipper Jouni Ronkainen to do an article. Meanwhile Somerset Newspapers; Cheddar Valley Gazette, Wells Journal and the Taunton Times all hope stories of the South West's answer to Sven Goran Eriksson. A photographer is sentLSAFC 5aside tournament - Team England's representatives out to meet Manager Pete Simmons at Cheddar Football Club and take some 'David Brent like' shots.  

16/4/04 - The Somerset articles are published throughout Somerset and Avon, and also on the 'thisissomerset' website. Images to follow are shown.

16/5/04 - Jouni Ronkainen smashes in four goals for 6aside team Beautcastle. Also present and in outstanding form; Howard Bailey, Paul Davies, Spaniard and Nath Robertson. Meanwhile the TE boss has confirmed he is keen to add more depth to the squad and has had initial talks with an unidentified player this weekend.

7/6/04 - Team England are represented at a LSAFC 5aside tournament, reaching the quarter finals and winning six and drawing just once in the group stage. Our representatives included Jouni Ronkainen, Adam Shorey, Jaime Noorhaizamdin and Marc Brown.  

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