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The Squad

Details our strong and talented squad will be shown here with player profiles outlining where they made their name.
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Manager Pete SimmonsName: Peter Simmons
Position: Manager
DOB: 25/06/82  Birthplace: Yeovil, England

Clubs: Cheddar Dynamos AFC, Bolton Wanderers Staff FC, King Alfred's School of Excellence, John Phillips Football (player/manager), Civ Eng XI.

Experience: Working as a journalist in the national and international press. My work includes a weekly column for Teletext, a column and contributions for Bolton Wanderers FC, Leicester City FC, OLAS Fanzine, Derby County FC Radio, Chelsea FC Radio, Talksport, MOTD, Total Football, Goal!, Tips-Bladet, BWSA, Bolton Evening News, Sky Sports and various sources throughout the media.

Highlights of Playing Career: Playing at the Reebok stadium for Bolton Wanderers Staff. Selected for school of excellence as a youth. Carl Richardson's testimonial winners medal and MPV winner. Centre Parcs 5-aside Champions.

Team supported as a child: Bolton Wanderers FC
Childhood hero: David Felgate / Claus Jensen
Best player played with: Howard Bailey

Hobbies: Football, journalism, guitar, drinking, 5-a-side. 
Quote: "Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us that do." David Brent (The Office)

Simmons says: "It's a tremendous challenge and an honour to represent my country at the 2005 championships. The squad I'm building is tremendous with players from a range of backgrounds but all with a lot of experience. They say that Loughborough walk on water so I'm sure a bit of mud won't be too much trouble for us." 

Jouni RonkainenName: Jouni Ronkainen
Position: Attacking midfielder (captain)
DOB: 20/04/82  Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden

Clubs: Sandhurst Town FC, Frogmore Rangers, Yateley FC, MyPa-47 U21s and Loughborough Students Football Club. Jouni catching a fish!

Highlights of Playing Career: Playing for MyPa-47, the same club that Sami Hyypia and Jari Litmanen both played for. Winning players player award four years as a youth. Winning the league and cup with Yateley FC in 1998. Appearing as a guest player at the swamp soccer world championships.

Team supported as a child: Newcastle Utd
Childhood hero: Jari Litmanen
Best player played with: Antti Okkonen (Finland Under '21 captain)

Hobbies: Football, Squash, Running, Fishing and Skiing.

Simmons says: "An outstanding talent and worthy captain. He has more tricks than Paul Daniels, a crowd pleaser who loves to showboat. His experience in attending the Championships as a guest player will prove invaluable. If there's any tricks with a football this lad doesn't know, they're not worth knowing." 

Iain MurrayName: Iain Murray
Position: Midfielder (vice captain)
DOB: 05/09/84 Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland

Clubs: Tall Oaks Boys Club, CPSFC, Big Helga’s All Stars, John Phillips FC.

Iain diving into a poolHighlights of Playing Career: Scoring a hat-trick in a 3-2 victory in East of Scotland cup semi final, JPFC club captain.

Team supported as a child: Heart of Midlothian
Childhood hero: John Robertson
Best player played with: Daniel Wheelan

Hobbies: Golf, skiing, rugby, badminton, snooker
Quote: "I would never even contemplate representing England" - Murray, 2002

Simmons says: "Iain is an adaptable player who leads JPFC admirably as captain. He brings to the team a range of experience and a little bit of banter! Always a threat with the ball at his feet, and a really nice lad to boot. A wise choice as a vice-captain." 

Name: Clare Farrow
Position: Goalkeeper

Howard playing against Norwich City FCName: Howard Bailey
Position: Defender
DOB: 15/06/84 Birthplace: Litcham, Norfolk

Clubs: Wisbech Town, Dereham Town, JPFC, Civ Eng XI, Robstar Belgrade

Howard on his travelsHighlights of Playing Career: playing against Norwich City, and in F.A. Cup players player of season (JPFC 02/03), MPV, Centre Parcs 5-aside champions.

Team supported as a child: Norwich City
Childhood hero: Paul Gascoigne
Best player played with: the Robster-Peteman combination. Best ever player played against = Paul McVeigh

Hobbies: Football, 5-aside, cricket, running and cycling
Quote: "Howard you do without me"  

Simmons says: "The best player I've had the pleasure to know and play with. This guy could go all the way to the top. Reads the game better than anyone I know, a top-drawer defender and a major coup for Team England. Once called me his mentor and yet I have learned so much from him." 

Rich MulleyName: Richard Mulley
Position: Striker
DOB: 09/03/1983 Birthplace: Ashford (East London), England

Clubs: Loughborough University, Ascot United, Berkshire Buckinghamshire Tri counties
Mulley playing golf
Highlights of Playing Career: Awarded UEFA B coaching licence, Full England international trials Known for: Being a Legend

Team supported as a child: Arsenal
Childhood hero: Dennis Bergkamp
Best player played with: Robert Gier (Wimbledon FC)

Hobbies: Football, Golf, Snowboarding
Quote: “I am not dreaming about Arsenal. You need huge qualities to go there and there are already so many great players at the club. If I have the chance to go to England, I will aim on a level below Arsenal. I like Tottenham very much.” Lens midfielder Antoine Sibierski 

Simmons says: "I first met Mulley playing for Loughborough Students Association Football Club, a former JPFC star was his manager, a tall striker with a nose for goal. Sniffs out chances and relentlessly finishes them. He has a lot to offer, his time with England Schoolboys will be of the highest value." 

Name: Martin Rix
Position: Midfielder  
DOB: 03/11/80 Birthplace: Norwich, (Norfolk)

Clubs: Wymondham Town Youth, Morley FC, Hempnall FC, JPFC, Towers Bar FC, Lithuanian Scandinavian FC

Highlights of Playing Career: I just love every game i play with my friends

Team supported as a child: Chelsea
Childhood hero: Rocky Balboa
Best player played with: Howard Bailey - The boy lives and breathes football

Hobbies: Football, music, tennis, badminton, golf, and banter.
Quote: "I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel." - Stuart Pearce

Simmons says: "One of my footballing heroes. I've a lot of time for this fella on and off the field. Our very own Frank Lampard and will bring a lot of assets to the team including snippets of occasional banter!" 

Jaime on a round of golf

Jaime profile picName: Jaime Daniel Noorhaizamdin
Position: Midfielder
DOB: 14/02/83
Birthplace: Bolton, Lancashire
Clubs: Ladybridge F.C., I.S.F.A. North England U19, Tut 'n' Shive, Duke of York (majority of pub teams in Lancashire), Loughborough University!

Highlights of playing career: Heading the ball over the half way line from the penalty box for the Tut! (Safety first!) And being held responsible for starting a 22 man brawl on a park pitch for the Duke of York pub team, this was for being proper cocky, this quickly turned into a 21 man brawl as I legged it! Proper massive skin heads involved!

Team supported as a child: Bolton (live the dream!)
Childhood hero: Dick Van Dyke
Best player played with: Dave

Hobbies: Grinning
Quote: "We're havin fun now!"  

Simmons says: "Jaime's a popular lad, and from what I've seen of him, a tremendous talent. He's a fellow Bolton Wanderers fan and so he has a vast knowledge of football. His Bolton links make him a must for the starting line-up!"

'Spaniard' playing his guitarName: Richard 'Spaniard' Sutcliffe
Position: Striker  
DOB: 07/07/84  Birthplace: Camden, London

Clubs: Fuengirola CF, Malaga CF, Loughborough Students

Highlight of playing career: Reaching Cup final with Malaga CF, trials with Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

Team supported as a child: Chelsea FC
Childhood hero: Jose Antonio Caminero

Best player played with: Alan Shearer

Hobbies: Any sport under the planet, surf, skiving lectures to play footy
Quote: "Drink nothing without seeing it; sign nothing without reading it.
           Never advise anyone to go to war or to marry.
           Take hold lightly; let go lightly. This is one of the great secrets of felicity in love."
           (Spanish proverb)

Simmons says: "I've seen this fella play once and what a talent! Strikes a ball as well as anyone and signs are 'Spaniard' could play a huge role in the tournament in 2005. Initial impressions also suggest he'll be a valuable asset off the field with his good bant."

Browny on a night outName: Marc William Brown
Position: Striker
DOB: 30/06/1983  Birthplace: Farnborough, Kent

Clubs: Woodside FC, Eltham Town FC, Loughborough uni team

Highlight of playing career: Breaking goalscoring record at school. Bagging a couple to win the league in the 1st year of uni.

Team supported as a child: Arsenal
Childhood hero: Brian Lara

Best player played with: Adam ' like the wind blows' Shorey, can beat anyone over half a yard!! Browny running on a beach

Hobbies: Football, cricket, guitar, summer barbeques
Quote: ' I was wondering if there will ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?' Gareth Keenan

Simmons says: "Another player that comes highly recommended by our skipper. From what I've seen he's all the makings of a great striker for Team England. A key player in the Loughborough squads and again will be greatly valued in next years' tournament."

Nath giving instructions in trainingName: Nathan Robertson
Position: Defender
DOB: 17/09/1981 Birthplace: Plymouth, Devon

Clubs: Swindon Town, Chippenham Town, Wiltshire, Elvyn Devils, Beautcastle United, Loughborough Students.

Highlight of playing career: Beating Swindon Town U-18s at the County Ground, Swindon while playing for Chippenham Town U-18s in the Wiltshire U-18s floodlight league. Also, once won a top goalscorer medal at Butlins, Skegness.

Team supported as a child: Tottenham Hotspur
Childhood hero: James Bond

Best player played with: Tim Potter

Hobbies: Football, badminton,
Quote: “There's no panic like the panic you momentarily feel when you've got your hand or head stuck in something.” Peter Kay

Simmons says:
"A great acquisition for Team England. Nath first came to my attention in my time with JP, as he partnered former JP stalwart Steve Dixon at the heart of the defence in the Loughborough Squads. Since Dicko has left I believe he has the biggest long-ball at the football club!"

Name: Hussein Fahmy (Oz)
Position: Striker
DOB: 17/01/82 Birthplace: London (central)

Clubs: Brentford, Millwall, Ealing District, New Handford

Highlight of playing career: Scoring (off the record) the fastest goal at Wembley before it was knocked down, went on to score a hat-trick, then took about about 2 hours in the showers and bath........

Team supported as a child: Arsenal
Childhood hero: Ian Wright

Best player played with: Probs Peter Crouch (Aston Villa)!!

Hobbies: Football and whole loads of other sports, diving.
Quote: “Sometimes you have to go through the rain to get to the rainbow.” Dolly Parton

Simmons says: "Recommended to me by my skipper, Oz has a proven track record at the highest of levels in the game. He will prove a vital cog to keep hold of in the Team England Swamp Soccer machine."

Shorey in training

Shorey profile picName: Adam Shorey
Position: Midfielder 
DOB: 05/04/82  Birthplace: Bristol

Clubs: Thornbury Falcons, Bristol City, Loughborough Uni

Highlight of playing career: Didn't know it would be a highlight at the time, but playing against Joe Cole, getting megged by him twice and generally humiliated the whole game.

Team supported as a child: Liverpool
Childhood hero: John Barnes- the original and best player to play in tights

Best player played with: Russell Osmond (star of Escape to Victory with Pele and Sly Stalone!)

Hobbies: Football, pool, snooker
Quote: "There should be no ego when pulling together for the common good" David Brent

Name: Andy Dennis
Position: Defence  
DOB: 24/09/82  Birthplace: Portsmouth

Clubs: Stubbington. Fareham Town, Gosport Borough, Hampshire Youth, Pompey Youth, Loughborough University 2`s, 3`s, 4`s!!! Loughborough University fresher coach

Team supported as a child: Southampton
Childhood hero: Matt (Le God) Le Tissier

Best player played with: Jermaine Defoe

Hobbies: Having a quiet drink followed by another until drunk. Playing, coaching or watching football. Sleeping through lectures and dancing like an idiot

Quote: "Representing England. No boys we're representing the World."
"Just remember second place is the first loser" No Fear

Rob tying up some business on the phoneName: Robin Phillips
Position: Director of Football
DOB: 06/03/82  Birthplace: Enfield (North London), England

Clubs: Director of Football at JPFC, Hawthorn CPFC, Grange United FC, Fatty Arbuckles FC, Wicksteed Park Arena FC, John Phillips Football, Robstar Belgrade, Civ Eng XI.

Highlights of Playing Career: Scored the winning goal for Inter BWCTC. Carl Richardson's testimonial winners medal and MPV winner.

Team supported as a child: Kettering Town / Man Utd
Childhood hero: Carl Alford (Kettering Town)
Best player played with: Howard Bailey

Hobbies: Football, guitar, badminton, karaoke, 5-aside and off-piste skiing. 
Quote: "I fought the lawn, and the lawn won!"

Simmons says: "A pleasure to have my colleague at JPFC on board for our quest for glory. A welcome selection of Director of Football and a handy chap to have about the place. Mr Phillips can also play a bit and can turn anyone on a six pence."  Image: Richard G Bailey - Chief Executive

Name: Richard G Bailey
Position: Chief Executive

Name: Sarah Blair
Position: Financial Director


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