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Hi, I'm Jessie. Welcome to Team Rocket's Hideout. We're the enemies of those no good do gooders Ash and his gang.

I'm James. We're out to steal that pesky Pikachu. And now....Prepare for trouble...

Now let us introduce you to our pokemon. I will start with mine.....

...And then mine right? Right?....

...Of course then yours....*BAP*...Just wait your turn!

OOWWWW!! *whimper*

Jessie: Starting off, this is my favorite Pokemon Ekans.

Name: Ekans

Type: Poison

Evolves into Arbok at level 22

Jessie: It later evolved into Arbok

Name: Arbok

Type: Poison

No Evolution

James: It's my turn now. right????
Jessie: Yes, yes, of course...go ahead.

James: Yay! Finally it's my turn! These are my pokemon

Name: Koffing

Type: Poison

Evolves at level 35 into Weezing

James: Later, it evolved into Weezing.


Type: Poison

No evolution

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