George Clooney was born May 6,1961 in Lexinton,Ky.George spent most of his life traveling, with his parents, Nick and Nina,and his sister Ada. Nick Clooney's job as a newscaster sent him from job to job.

At the age of 5, George was helping out at the studios of a local talk show in Cincinnati that his father hosted.He and other family members would pitch in by selling products or even playing sketch characters.

George knew then that he wanted to be in front of the camera, but he had higher aspirations. He attended Northern Kentucky University, but then came the oppurtunity of a lifetime.Being an excellent baseball player, He tried out (unsuccessfully) for the Cincinnati Reds, his favorite team.

Clooney moved to California in 1982. Unemployed for the next year, George bicycled to interviews and slept in a friends closet.He was eventually cast as a mid-season addition on "E/R", a sitcom starring Elliot Gould and Mary Mconnell.

From there he appeared in TV series such as "The Facts of Life", "Rosanne", and "Sisters"

Clooney now has a role that has taken his career in a new direction. Since the thriller "From Dusk til Dawn", he has been busy with "One Fine Day", just released," The Peacemaker", in post production, and of course "Batman and Robin, which recently started production.

George is a big fan of the Cincinnati Reds and the Bengals. He enjoys playing full court basketball and is a "golf maniac".Clooney also collects fine cars and motorcycles.

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