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Welcome to my ER home page. I am a big fan and thus decided to honor them in my own way.Please e-mail me (at the bottom) to lend any advice or just to say you like/hate this page. Keep checking back 'cause I add something new every few days!!!

Well, I had a very exciting time March 15, 1997. I went to the SXSW Premiere of "Still Breathing". It is a great movie and I highly recommend seeing it !! I was able to meet the star Brendan Fraser!!You probably remember him from Encino Man and more recently George of the Jungle. What a treat that was!!! I also met the director, Jim Robinson. But even more exciting was meeting the movie's website designer Bob West. To view the "Still Breathing" website, go to . And for those of you who are wondering what SXSW is, go here. Enjoy your surfing!!

Cast Bio's
Anthony Edwards
George Clooney
Noah Wyle
Eriq LaSalle
Julianna Margulies
Gloria Reuben
Laura Innes
and alas! Though she's gone...
Sherry Stringfield :-(

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