Noah Wyle was born in Hollywood, California, June 4,1971.His parents raised him there with his six brothers and sisters.

After attending Thatcher, a co-ed boarding school, Noah almost participated in a theater arts program at Northwestern University. Once he had graduated, He moved to an apartment on Hollywood Blvd. and began studies with acting teacher Larry Moss.

Wyle first appeared in the NBC mini-series "Blind Faith". Then came the feature film "Crooked Hearts", and in 1990 "There Goes My Baby".Noah thought he was doing well, but spent the next year unemployed.

He soon got the role as a Hitler Youth leader in "Swing Kids" and worked with Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men".

He is also starring in the upcoming "The Myth of Fingerprints" with Roy Schnieder and Blythe Danner.Noah has portrayed Lancelot in the TV movie "Guinevere of Camelot" and Played John Carter on NBC's "Friends".

Noah is an avid collector of anything pertaining to Noah's Ark, antiques and Baseball cards.He enjoys playing basketball and pool with his co-stars, photography and onion bagels.

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