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The Starship Fearless, a Star Trek fan club located in the Permian Basin of West Texas, originally began as the Shuttle Galileo in July of 1993.  After some initial difficulties involving our Regional Vessel Advocate (RVA) and our Treasurer, our organization was re-named the Fearless in January of 1994.  In November of that same year, the Shuttle Fearless was officially launched by StarFleet, an international organization of Star Trek fans.  Our status increased to "Starship" in October of 1996 with the assignment of our vessel number NCC-74989, and we held our Launch Party on September 28, 1996.

Command Staff at our
Launch Party

But in early 1997, we began to question if we really wanted to stay in StarFleet.  Delivery of the StarFleet newsletter, The Communiqué, was sporadic at best.  And there were other problems as well.

Our first elected President had a motto: "The ranks are fictional, the fun's for real".  Unfortunately, few in StarFleet seemed to share this philosophy.  Our current President, Captain Becky Norris, was getting tired of checking her e-mail only to find yet another message from a StarFleet officer stating that so-and-so was no good at their job, and that they could do much better.

Early on, our own organization faced problems with people taking the political power far too seriously, but we had successfully shook out that particular personality trait, and had distilled the group down to those who just wanted to have fun (the original purpose of any fan club).  Now it seemed we had matured beyond our parent organization.  The debate to stay or leave boiled down to two points:

When it soon became clear that the answers were

the vote was cast in May of 1997 to break from StarFleet, and become a "renegade" Starship.  As we seemed to be "out in the badlands" with no support anyway, it was only natural to consider ourselves Maquis.  Once we hit the Internet, we found out that we weren't the only Starship which was a little fed up with how StarFleet was running things, and that there was an entire fleet of Maquis ships out there.

Command Crew:

Position Name E-mail address
Commanding Officer Captain Becky Norris fox24@powr.net
Executive Officer and
Operations Officer
Communications Officer Tisha Thomas wil-tish@planetwide.com
Quartermaster / Librarian Joni Rice fox24@powr.net
Engineering Officer Will Baker bawl@chevron.com
Regional Vessel Advocate unfilled

Other crew with e-mail addresses:

Name E-mail address
Mark Brown godzillatx@earthlink.net
Sherilyn & Justin Brown trxphile@wtaccess.com
Larry Heidelberg larry_heidelberg@juno.com

The evolution of the Enterprise

We have a downloadable "morph" movie detailing the evolution of the Starship Enterprise from the original to the NCC-1701D.  (1.4 MEG AVI)

Fearless Library

Have a look at all the books available for borrowing to all Fearless members in the Fearless Library.

From the Bridge

Here are all the regular monthly columns of our Fearless Leader (we can get away with calling her that), Captain Becky Norris, lifted from our newsletter, The Fearless Informer.  They not only make for entertaining reading, but also provide a good historical overview of our organization.

Directory of "From the Bridge" articles

Star Trek Scripts

Faith, by Fearless crewmember John Comeaux, is a script which got as far as being submitted by an agent and read by the Star Trek staff.  It ran in The Fearless Informer from January to October of 1995.  In this sequel to "Pen Pals", the Enterprise returns to Sarjenka's planet, only to find a world polarized between the clashing forces of faith and reason.  Also, a Starfleet observer makes plain his intention to replace Picard as Captain of the Enterprise!

Short Stories and Articles by Mike Combs

The Advantages of Space Living
Over Planetary Living



The Right Question

Deadly Debris

The Next Best Thing to Being There

The Land of Eternal Night

Condemned to Repeat It

If Not For the Fall...

Journey to Alfahsfere

I Have Seen the Enemy

Designing Paradise

Miranda and the Space Pirates
How Haven Rock Was Saved

Are We Alone In the Galaxy?
The View from the High Frontier

Star Trek Stories

Fearless crewman David Wright wrote a Deep Space Nine story for our newsletter called Passages.  Quark eagerly awaits the arrival of a race known as the Thrall, reputed to be shrewd traders.  But will the Thrall out-Ferengi the Ferengi?

In this romantic "what if" story by Sherilyn Brown, the Enterprise-E is destroyed, and her crew marooned in the past.  Picard and Crusher find themselves growing closer, but how can they possibly consumate their love without disrupting the timeline?  The name of the story is Whispers at Twilight.


We've had conventions here in the Permian Basin featuring Majel Barrett-Roddenbury, Wil Wheaton, and Armin Shimerman.  While Armin was in town, Fearless crewmember Mary Kuntz got to ask him a few questions.  The result was Quarkal Reality: A Real Life Interview with Armin Shimerman.


Here's a few cartoons David Wright has drawn for our newsletter:

Fearless Crewmember's Personal Home Pages

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