What's New

07-20-98 Updated Mark Brown's E-mail address, and the link to his webpage.
07-10-98 Updated crew roster. Reset hit counter as it had malfunctioned.
Added Mike Combs' article Are We Alone In the Galaxy? The View from the High Frontier.
03-16-98 Added alphabetized book listing for the Fearless Library.
02-27-98 Added Mike Combs' short story Miranda and the Space Pirates.
12-13-97 Added Sherilyn Brown's short story Whispers at Twilight.
11-17-97 Homepage of the MFS Fearless wins the Nebula Award for Web Excellence from Maquis Forces International.
10-30-97 Updated Tisha's E-mail address.  Updated RVA position.
08-01-97 Added the Evolution of the Enterprise movie.
07-21-97 Updated the link to KPEJ Fox 24 to their current web page.
07-17-97 Inserted code to add our webpage to the Maquis Resistance Web Ring.
06-29-97 Changed all M.S.S. Fearless references to M.F.S. (Maquis Forces Starship) Fearless as this is the designator preferred by Maquis Forces International.  Unfortunately, changing the account name reset the access counter.  Prior to name change, counter had read 249 accesses.
06-25-97 Added link for Maquis Forces Texas.
06-20-97 Re-typed Becky's From the Bridge article for January, 1997 as the original file had been lost.
Enhanced the readability of Faith by stripping out the SIZE codes.
Spruced up the counter and the ruler line at bottom of main page.

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