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** NEW ** Sounds and Pics from Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place May 12, 1999

Anthony Stewart Head was the Grand Marshall of AIDSWALK '98 in Hartford, CT - October 25, 1998
Our "A Stake in the Future" team of ASH fans was the highest money earner with over $2500 in pledges - my Aidswalk pictures from the weekend and pictures from our wonderful Tea with Tony after the parade

Wonderful photo from Starburst magazine issue #248 AshPaint jpg file large, but worth the wait

My Pictures from the Posting Board Party(February 6, 1999)
My Pictures from Take a Chance on the Stars ACS benefit (October 17, 1998)
Snappy pics from KTLA interview (December 1997?)
(some of) The Many Faces of ASH (gallery)
Sci-Fi Buzz Interview
Project Hartford Aidswalk (24 October 1998)
Our Tea with ASH (25 October 1998)
Have Scanner Will Play (Buffy Magazine #2)

Arianna's Chronicles

Becky's other diversion

Wav files of ASH singing In The Depth of Night

Archive of Giles wavs from: I Robot, You Jane

Archive of Giles wavs from: Nightmares

Snappy Pics from Becoming (part 2)

Pictures from MediaWest Con May 22-25, 1998 - Many GASPers in attendance

One of my favourite photos of ASH as Oliver Sampson

A sad moment from Passion:
It hurts sometimes more than we can bear.....
ASH humming in background of music (680k)
Sorry about the large size, just couldn't bear to shorten this one

*Special* ASH wavs from: SciFi Buzz Interview and Pictures (Thanks again to Lonejack)


Archive of Giles wavs from: Bad Eggs (Thanks to my friends at Lonejack)
Archive of Giles wavs from: Surprise (Thanks to my friends at Lonejack)
Archive of Giles wavs from: Innocence (Thanks to my friends at Lonejack)
Archive of Giles wavs from: Phases (Thanks to my friends at Lonejack)

Archive of Giles wavs from: The Harvest
Archive of Giles wavs from: Never kill a boy on the first date

Archive of Giles wavs from: The Pack (Thanks to my friends at Lonejack)
Archive of Giles wavs from: The Dark Age

(Archive episodes change periodically) email if you're looking for other Giles wavs

Snappy Pics from Oprah and Leeza interviews (1994/95?)

From Buffy - Innocence (The end with Giles in the car)
It's not over - I suppose you know that (44k)
He'll come after you, particularly(36k)
His profile, well, he's likely to strike out at the things that made him the most human (71k)
Do you want me to wag my finger at you and tell you that you acted rashly? You did, and I can (44k)
I know that you loved him, and he has proven more than once that he loved you (83k)
You couldn't have known what would happen(19k)
The coming months are going to be hard, I suspect on all of us(73k)
If it's guilt you're looking for Buffy, I'm not your man.(42k)
All you will get from me is my support, and my respect(106k)
If it's guilt you're looking for Buffy,, and my respect.(153k)

Snappy Pics from When She Was Bad

Giles & Snyder Resume training Giles seem Ms.C How was your summer? Giles smiling

Some Assembly, Dark Age and Lie to me pics thanks to Bentley's Images page - see link below

From Buffy - The Dark Age

I can't imagine why (16kb)
I'm a little busy right now (19kb)
Where do you want me to go? (19kb)'re back (53kb)
I never meant for you to be involved in any of this (53kb)
Oh god, what have I done? (32kb)

Are you kidding his diapers were tweed (23kb)
And the rest is silence (22kb)
We'll meet outside the hospital at 8:30 sharp (45kb)
Do you want me to answer that or shall I just glare? (23kb)
I trust I gave good squirm (48kb)
Would you like to go out? (19kb)
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to say goodnight now (21kb)
I was just trying to find a solution (22kb)
I'm really very attracted to you (35kb)
It was an extraordinary high, God we were fools (42kb)
I tried to call you last night, to see how you were (35kb)
Perhaps we could talk sometime, dinner or a drink? When you're feeling stronger (96kb)

Who is wavBec anyway?


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