Another World Summary for the Final Week of June 21-25

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Monday, June 21, 1999

At the harbor Club, Cindy is busy drinking away and reading a statement that her credit card balance is 5 weeks over and if she doesn't pay them soon, they will turn her into the police. David shows up and asks if she has broken their agreement yet? Cindy says she has been an angel, but needs help finding a man to marry. She asks for a loan of 100,000 dollars to accomplish the feat, and he asks her what in the hell she is up to. Cindy says she has expenses, she is looking for a man of vision and intelligence. Cindy says that she wants to set up a new clinic for needy families, which will help her meet a doctor who will marry her. David just laughs in her face. Cindy promises David that she won't take the money and run, so he agrees to write her a check on the spot. She then cons him into increasing it to $200,000. David then promptly leaves, and Cindy books a one way flight to Barcelona.

Josie and Gary meet Amanda and Cameron at the Harbor Club for dinner. Josie can't believe how cool Amanda is with them all being a family. Gary asks what Cindy is doing with David, and the others say they don't know. They then inform Gary what else he has missed while he was gone, Carl has returned from the dead! Amanda thanks Josie for helping Cameron "blackmail" David into being a silent partner in Brava. They all agree to be one happy family and toast to their future. When Cindy is about to leave, Gary can't hold it in any longer and the two decide to go outside and talk about old times.

Gary and Cindy argue out on the docks about what Cindy did to him, her pinning the murder on him. Cindy says that everyone would have helped him, but they would have let her rot. Gary says "I wonder why? Maybe because your evil and have no conscious!" Josie shows up and asks what is going on? Cindy tells them to go live their happy lives together and let her leave, but Josie says it isn't that easy. Josie says she can't forget about the blackmail and her child's death. Cindy says she wasn't the one who decided to sleep with her brother and law and lie about it! Josie pushes Cindy into the river, and she and Gary decide to go home. Cindy climbs out of the river, and then realizes her 200,000 dollar check is ruined! Cindy ends up crying, and David shows up to gloat. Cindy cries that she was going to screw him over, but she's couldn't even do that. Cindy begs for another chance, but David tells her she lost the bet. Cindy says she has nothing to live for, she has no money, no prospects, and nobody will give her a job. David tells her that he may be able to find her a job. Cindy thinks he must be crazy. David says he wants to make sure she doesn't do any damage to him or herself, and then he ends up kissing her!

Back in the Harbor Club, Amanda says Gary and Josie haven't returned and wonder if they killed Cindy? Cameron says that they are probably just home in bed.

At the station, Josie reads the wedding announcement in the paper and congratulates Toni. Toni doesn't understand what is going on? Josie shows Toni the Herald. At the Herald, Chris sees the wedding announcement and thinks that Jake wrote it, and is furious. KC tells Chris that Jake didn't do it, she did. Chris tells her that the marriage isn't going to happen, Toni turned him down for a job in Tampa. Toni shows up at this point and gives it to Chris, but he says that it is KC's doing. Toni asks KC if she is trying to hurt her? KC says that she was just trying to do something nice, but jumped the gun. Toni asks what she means? KC says she knew Chris was going to propose, but she didn't think she'd turn him down for a job! Toni looks at Chris and says "you never gave me a ring!" Chris says he didn't get a chance because she went off on the job and how she blew him off. They end up in a big argument, and Chris eventually ends up kissing her to convince her how badly he'd miss her if she left. Toni says she could never leave him, and they profess their love for the other. Chris tells Toni that he heard her and Josie talk about the future, and it made him realize that nothing is more important to him than she is. Chris gets down on one knee and proposes to Toni, who accepts. Chris pulls out the ring and pronounces them engaged. KC returns and is happy to learn the news. KC asks if they have thought about their future? Toni says she's already accepted the job, so one of them will have to turn their job down. Chris doesn't want her to turn her job down and he can get a job in Tampa, but Toni says he'll have to start all over again. Toni wants to turn her job down, but Chris refuses to let her do that. Toni says it looks like neither one is willing to let the other give up their careers, so they'll have to figure out something.

Cass and Lila find Anne and Cass asks her what she did with his daughter? Anne says "excuse me?" Cass tells her that Charlie is missing and he knows she had something to do with this. Anne tells Cass what happened with Charlie at the park, and how she had to get stern. Anne says that the last thing she wanted to do was hurt Charlie, but Cass says if she is hurt it IS her fault. Lila tries to calm Cass down and asks where she might have gone? Cass says sometimes she likes to visit Frankie's grave.

At the cemetery, a strange man approaches Charlie as she sits on her mother's grave. Cass shows up and yells out to Charlie, but she doesn't answer, because she's not there. Cass thinks this is all his fault and talks to Frankie's grave. Frankie sends him a psychic message to go to the park. Charlie is at the park, running from the strange man, and hoping someone shows up to help her. A storm begins to brew, and Cass, Anne, and even Lila are out looking for Charlie. Lila tells herself that she has to be strong for Charlie. Lila shouts for Charlie, who hears Lila and comes running to her. Charlie tells her about the creepy man. Lila says they should go find her daddy together, but both of them are afraid of the storm. Lila ends up singing to Charlie. Charlie asks why she was looking for her, her and her dad broke up? Lila says that no matter what happens between her and her dad, she loves her. Cass shows up at this point screaming for Charlie. Lila shouts to Cass that they are over here. Cass is happy to see Charlie. Charlie says she ran off because of Anne, and she ended up getting lost. Cass then tells Charlie that he and Lila are back together, and they are all going to be a family. Anne sees them all from the distance, smiles, and walks off.

Anne goes to Frankie's grave to let her know that she meant well. She says she felt so guilty for so long about what she did to her, Cass, and Charlie. She says that she knows now that Cass and Charlie need nothing from her, they have memories of her and Lila. She says she is glad she got to know her family, and her. Anne tells Frankie that Cass and Charlie are in great hands, and then leaves.

Cass, Charlie, and Lila go home and Cass and Lila start planning their wedding. Lila doesn't want to wait, she wants to get married right away. Cass suggests they marry the day after tomorrow. Lila says she wants the wedding to be big, she wants to invite the whole town! When Charlie says she thinks mom would want them to be a family, phantom chimes chime!

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Sergei shows up banging on Felici's door and begging her to see him. Felicia answers her door and tells him to get away from her! Sergei says he will, but he wants her to just listen to what he has to say. Felicia agrees to listen. Sergei wants her to read his manuscript. She refuses and says she'd rather stick needles in her eyes! Sergei begs her to read it and she agrees only when she makes him promise to leave her alone if she reads it. Felicia takes the book and slams the door on his face. She paces around the room, but finally decides to read it. Sergei stands outside her door and hears Felicia crying. He opens the door and walks in and asks if she is all right? Felicia says she read the whole book and it was beautiful, it made her laugh and cry. However, she thinks it was part of his latest plan? Sergei says this is not propaganda, propaganda can't move one to tears. Felicia says that it is good, but it doesn't make exploiting her for a buck right. Sergei says he doesn't wish to be a pig, so he goes to burn the book. Felicia stops him and says his publisher will be so upset, he has to turn in something! Sergei says that he has a duplicate on his hard drive, which angers Felicia. Sergei says that he will not turn the book in if he does not have her permission. She says she doesn't, so he says he will not turn the book in. He is about to leave,but Felicia stops him to ask him a question about his description of her. She tells him that she hopes he never knows what it is like to be famous, people are always writing about you and most of it is not the truth. However, Felicia thinks it over and tells him he can publish the book. However, she wants to help him edit the book so it is his very best work. Later Sergei accuses Felicia of being afraid to kiss him. He dares her to do it, but when she tries she breaks out laughing and says she can't.

Marley and Tyrone are at the Lucky Lady holding hands. Marley is going out with Donna for a make-over, but asks Tyrone to come to her place around dinner time. Marley has to go, and they kiss goodbye. After she leaves, Etta Mae asks Tyrone if he is out of his mind? Tyrone says that Marley has changed, but Etta Mae refuses to believe that. As Etta Mae chews Tyrone out and tells her who the real Marley is, Marley stands outside and hears to everything. Etta Mae tells Tyrone to drop Marley before she makes a shamble out of his life like she has everyone else's. Tyrone assures Etta Mae that he will have a future with Marley, no matter what she or anyone else has to say about it!

Marley goes to see Donna and tells her that she's had a change of plans, she's leaving Bay City and going back to China. Donna thinks that if this is a joke it isn't a funny one. Marley says that she never should have come back. Marley thinks that she can do good in China, but Donna makes her promise to give this some more thought before leaving. Marley promises, and then cancels their outing because she has something to do. Donna tells her to call her later. After Marley leaves, she says "goodbye Donna."

We see a Donna Reed like black and white dream of Jake returning home to Vicky, who has cleaned the house taken care of the kids, and cooked his favorite meal. Jake is shocked when Vicky tells him that she has changed, the old Vicky is gone. Jake tells Vicky that he liked the old her, the new her is dull! Vicky says everything changed after they had the baby. Jake wakes up from his nightmare and Vicky asks him what he was dreaming about? Jake tells her that he was dreaming about their life after the baby comes. Suddenly, Vicky gets a cramp, and Jake worries. Vicky says that she has an appointment with Doctor Doyle this afternoon, but Jake wants to go to the doctor now. They go to the doctor and find out that the baby is fine, and then says oh my! Jake and Vicky are expecting twins! As they look at the ultrasound, Vicky is positive that they are girls. Jake and Vicky go back home and tell Donna and the kids that she is pregnant, with twins! Donna is thrilled, and Kirk is happy to be a big brother. Vicky and Kirk go upstairs and Jake tells Donna that he is so happy. Vicky shows up and listens in. Jake tells Donna about his horrible nightmare and how he fears he will turn boring because of the kids. Vicky is horrified by this and asks Jake how he could say that! Vicky runs out of the room, and Donna chases after her. Vicky tells Donna that the reason she was upset was because she could understand exactly what he was saying, she thinks she has to be a mature responsible mother, she and Jake will end up being just like everyone else. Donna tells her that will NEVER happen. Donna tells Vicky to go find her husband and clear up this understanding. Vicky finds Jake and is about to clear things up, but feels that something is wrong with Marley, and she runs off.

Tyrone tries to call Marley, but she refuses to answer her phone because she is packing. Marley's ride to the airport arrives and she gives him her bags to load up. She then reads what she has written of goodbye letter to Vicky, and then decides to finish it. Marley finishes the letter, seals it, and then gets a odd vibe. The cab driver comes in and asks her if she is all right? Marley says she just got the weirdest feeling, but will be ready in one second. He takes her final bag out to the cab when Vicky shows up. She asks her if she was going to leave without a word? Vicky asks her how she could think of leaving without saying goodbye? Marley says she left her a note. Vicky says she doesn't want a note, she wants her to stay. She asks her what has caused her to want to leave? Marley says she heard Etta Mae lecture Tyrone, and if she stays she will just hurt everyone. Marley says that she has no reason to stay. Vicky gives her one, she's having twins. Marley is overjoyed and hugs Vicky. Vicky says that she can't leave them, her babies will need their aunt Marley. Still, Marley says she can't stay. Vicky begs her to stay because they are a part of each other and she loves her.

Vicky and Marley go to the cottage, Marley has agreed to stay. Vicky has a surprise, but neither of them say a word. Vicky goes out to see her husband, who says that he doesn't want to face the fact that he's growing up. He tells her that the best moments of his life have been spent with her, and then surprises her with a double something, i think its additions to their swing set. He has also sold his motorcycle for extra money for the babies. Vicky says that she was also scared, but has bought anti-change insurance. She bought the whole family bicycle jackets! Vicky then tells Jake to get on the swing and she paints him a picture of how their family is going to be. In her picture, the whole family runs out to the front yard and dances when their favorite song comes on the radio, and all their neighbors think they are nuts. Vicky then pushes Jake on the swing.

Marley goes back home and Tyrone is upset to learn she was about to leave. Marley tells Tyrone that she overheard Etta Mae's speech. Tyrone tells her that was just Etta Mae treating him like a child, and he loves her. Marley tells Tyrone that she's not going anywhere, and the two kiss.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

At the Cory Mansion, Paulina is spending time with Carl, and Matt is enjoying his visit with Jasmine. Letters arrive for Matt and Rachel, and Rachel advises Matt not to open his envelope. Matt opens the envelope, which is an invitation from Cass to his wedding. Matt says this is obviously Cass' doing, it's probably a surprise wedding. Matt decides to go over to see Lila and return Jasmine. Paulina tells Carl about what she did, forging Rachel's signature, and she tells Rachel that she wants to make it right by returning the money. Rachel tells her that she doesn't want to talk about the trust fund again.

Cass takes a blindfolded Lila to where they will be married. It is the place that he proposed to her. He tells her that they are getting married this afternoon, he's already sent out invitations. Lila says she doesn't have a dress, she needs a fabulous dress. Lila tells him that this is the stupidest thing he's ever done, does he know what he's doing? He says he does, he wants them married before someone else comes between them. Lila agrees to do it, but he better be there on time. As they kiss, Lila shouts Matthew! Lila is upset that Matt will find out because of the invitation and not her. Lila says she needs to get to the mansion to see if she can beat the invitation, and she needs to get a dress. Before leaving, she asks Cass to be more considerate of Matthew after they are married.

Lila runs home, after going to the mansion, and finds Matt there with Jasmine. She apologizes to him about the invitation, but Matt says that he understands fully and tells her to go get ready for her wedding. He wishes her and Cass happiness. Lila tells Matt that she needs a favor, she wants Jasmine to be her maid of honor, and wants him to carry Jasmine down the isle. Later, Lila and Charlie get ready for the wedding.

At Felicia's place, Felicia and Sergei are still working on his book manuscript. Sergei is upset that Felicia has edited his book to death. Felicia finds a special delivery envelope and reads it. She is shocked because it is an invitation to Cass and Lila's wedding. Someone rings her doorbell, and Felicia just knows it is Cass. She vents to Sergei about how sick she is of Cass' actions, and when she opens the door, she hugs Cass and tells him that she's so happy for him. Cass tells Felicia that he wants her to be his best man, and she agrees.

Felicia and Cass go to the zoological habitat to reminisce about Wally. Cass jokes that he was going to invite Carolyn the gorilla to his wedding. After they sneak onto the island, a park ranger closes the habitat because wild animals are on the loose! The ranger is joined by another, and they pull the ladder to the island up. On the island, Cass feels like he is being watched, but Felicia says that she's sure the gorillas are locked up. They then reminisce about Wally, and we see flashbacks. We see Wally rescuing Cass and Felicia from a dark basement. Felicia cries and tells Cass that she loves him. Cass realizes that he has to go and get married, and Felicia tells him that she's so glad they went there. Cass then realizes the ladder to get out is gone!

At the station, Joe returns to work as Captain and Remy is busy typing an application for Bay City University on one of the computers. Toni shows up to see Joe. She says that she needs a favor, she needs her job back. Joe tells her that she has it, but asks why she is doing this? Toni says she wasn't ready to move, she realized that she loves Chris more than her job. Joe asks why Chris doesn't move with her? Toni says that Chris would never move to Tampa. Also, she doesn't want Chris to know, she wants him to think the Tampa thing fell through.

Chris goes to the Lucky Lady to talk to Etta Mae. Chris tells Etta Mae that he's going to Tampa with Toni. Etta Mae is surprised, and Chris tells Etta Mae that he needs her help. He wants to make Toni thinks he has a fabulous job offer down there. However, he doesn't want Toni to know this because he doesn't think she'd do this for him. Etta Mae says she just remembered that she has to make a very important call, and asks him to sit tight. Etta Mae calls Joe and he says Toni is there, without letting Toni know who he's talking to, and that he gave her her job back. Etta Mae tells Joe that he has to fire her! Joe asks Toni to go over to the Lucky Lady, since some weird guy has been spotted hanging around. Joe then gets a call from Carl. Carl tells him that he and Rachel would like to see him right away, alone, about the trust fund issue. Back in the precinct, Remy asks Paulina if she would proof read her college enterence essay. Paulina says she will. Paulina looks at the essay, which is entitled "My Mom." It is a story about Remy's feelings about her mother, before and after she found her. The essay moves Paulina to tears. Paulina wonders where Joe is, and Remy says he had something important to do.

Joe goes to see Carl and Rachel, who want him and Paulina to use the trust fund to finance the building of their new house. Joe turns them down because they have to put Remy through college, but Carl and Rachel say they have already decided to fund Remy's education. Joe eventually agrees and says he has something he must do before the wedding. After he is gone, Carl asks Rachel to marry him again, it will be a new beginning for them.

Joe returns to the station and tells Paulina that they are going to the site of their new house to break ground. Once there, they all take turns digging up some earth.

Toni shows up at the Lucky Lady. Outside, Etta Mae tells Toni about the crazy man inside. Toni goes inside, and sees Chris. Chris and Toni both admit what they were going to do for the other. They still don't know what to do, so Etta Mae tells Toni that Joe called and she is fired. Toni knows she is joking. Etta Mae has to go, but leaves them a song to listen to. Toni and Chris play the tape and dance to it.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

At the cottage, Vicky runs inside in a raincoat to escape Jake and the boy's squirt guns. Jake and the kids break in and nail Vicky. Donna suggests that they take their squirt guns to the beach. Kirk invites Shawn to come to the beach with them. Suddenly, a wedding invitation arrives. Shawn answers the door and receives it, and leaves it on the table beside the sofa.

Carl, Rachel, Amanda, Cameron, and Ali gather at the place where Lila and Cass' wedding will take place. Rachel and Carl tell them that they just renewed their vows! Lila, Matt, Charlie, and Jasmine arrive. However, Charlie and Lila are upset to learn that Cass hasn't arrived. Matt and Amanda tells Lila that he's probably just stuck in traffic. Rachel tells Matt that she is very proud of him, and Lila tells Amanda how much she appreciates Matt and never meant to hurt him. Amanda says that she understands and does not hold a grudge. More guests arrive and Lila begins to worry. Vicky, Jake, and the kids show up with the squirt guns. They are having a picnic, and Lila thinks Vicky has done this on purpose. Lila races over to confront Vicky. Vicky and the others have no idea what is going on. Everyone goes over to see the show. Shawn tries to say that they didn't get the invitation because he took received it. Lila and Vicky continue to argue, and Vicky eventually grabs a squirt gun and aims it at Lila. Lila says she wouldn't dare, but Vicky says never underestimate a pregnant woman. Lila is shocked, and Vicky makes the official announcement. Lila is so happy for them and congratulates Jake and Vicky. Shawn finally interrupts and says the invitation came a few hours ago and he left it on the table. Lila and Vicky make up and Lila invites them all to her wedding, even though they are in beach attire. Vicky says they'll go home and change and return quickly. Lila asks Matt to try and call Felicia to learn about Cass' whereabouts. Sergei answers and says that Felicia and Cass left awhile ago. Sergei realizes something is up and he must find Felicia. Back in the park, Lila fears that Cass has changed his mind. The judge shows up, but has another appointment after this wedding. Lila is about to duck out, but Charlie changes her mind.

At the habitat, Cass and Felicia scream for help getting out of the habitat, which they are locked in. Cass says that he has thirty minutes to get to the park, or his life is over. He asks Felicia to try and hoist him over the wall, but Felicia just breaks a nail. Felicia remembers that she has her cell phone, and they argue over who they are going to call. The wrestle over the phone, which ends up in the water. Suddenly, Felicia and Cass hear a strange noise, which is Carolyn the gorilla. Cass and Felicia tell whoever is watching them to come out and show themselves. Carolyn almost nabs Cass, but doesn't. Felicia suggests they use Cass' clothes to make a rope ladder, but Cass accuses her of trying to seduce him. Felicia says she only wans to tie them together so they can get out of here! Cass begins to strip, but Felicia eventually realizes her plan isn't going to work. Cass starts screaming up at the heavens if their is some conspiracy against him? Sergei shows up and Cass and Felicia tell him what has happened to them. Felicia asks how he knew where to find them? Sergei says he looked in her books and figured out they came to make a pilgrimage to Wally. Sergei throws them the ladder and says he has a limo with their wedding clothes, they can change while he drives them.

Cass and Felicia try to change in the limo as Sergei drives like a maniac to the park. BAck at the habitat, Carolyn escapes! Cass arrives just as Lila was about to leave. Cass explains what happened to them at the habitat. Matt leaves to get the judge, and Felicia tells Sergei that he is a human being beyond compare. Sergei wants to kiss her, but Felicia says they don't have that kind of marriage. Sergei says maybe not now, but he has a long life ahead and can wait. The wedding begins and Charlie, the flower girl, walks first. Matt, carrying Jasmine, follows Charlie. Finally, Lila walks down the isle. Lila thinks the wedding is going to happen and no other girlfriends will come out of the woodwork. Unknown to all, Carolyn is hiding in the shrubs. The judge starts the ceremony, but Cass stops him to say a few words. Cass tells everyone that he is so grateful they have come, and didn't run off when it looks like he wasn't going to make it. Cass starts telling this story about how he feels like he did when he rode the ferris wheel as a kid. He continues to talk on and on about Lila and how she is a brilliant light that shined herself into the dark places he never found, and thanks everyone once again. The judge continues with the ceremony, but Lila stops him to make her own little speech. She tells them all how Cass loved her as is and never asked her to change for him, and then Charlie let her into her heart. Lila says after that happened, she wanted to be a better person so she could feel like she deserved Cass, Charlie, and Jasmine. Lila concludes her speech, and the judge starts for the third time. Kirk tells Vicky that someone is in the bushes in a monkey suit, but Vicky tells him to be quiet. When the judge asks for someone to speak now or forever hold their peace, Carolyn nabs Cass!

The Series Finale of Another World - Friday, June 25, 1999

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