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This page contains different articles I have found on either Chicago Hope or actors from the show. Enjoy!

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This section contains various short articles I've found on Chicago Hope, or the actors.

Chicago Hope

Garner Blows Into Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope episode stirs up nursing advocates

The Age Thing

'Chicago Hope' Faltering Drama, Heal Thyself

Chicago Hope (from Sept 4-10, 1999 TV Guide)

'Channel Surfing'

CBS Allows Four-Letter Word On Chicago Hope

Make 'Practice' Perfect

A Certain Word Happens On Chicago Hope

A Day In The Life of the Hit CBS Drama Series "Chicago Hope"

"ER" VS "Chicago Hope" - TV's Space Race

West Coast GLADD Media Awards

Preferred Provider

Garner Blows Into 'Chicago'

Blue Streak

A Place Called Hope

Keeping 'Hope' Alive

A Cut Above The Rest

After The Fall

'Hope' Runs High At Eye with Kelley

Lost 'Hope'

Barbara Hershey Dons Scrubs for Chicago Hope

Patients Rights Ignored; Surgeon Arrested For Batters on CBS's "Chicago Hope"

Medic Alert

Spoiler for 10/7/99 episode

Spoiler for 9/30/99 episode

TV Guide article from May 10-16 1997

Chicago Hope article from Entertainment Weekly

Chicago Hope's October 22 episode
This is basically a spoiler for the episode to be aired on October 22. I just wasn't sure where to put it!

Various Canadian Articles
This page contains a variety of different artcles about Chicago Hope from Canadian Press

Chicago Hope Spoiler for episode airing Oct. 29
This article gives information about the episode that is scheduled to be shown on October 29.

"Brain Salad Surgery" production Notes
This article shows the different songs and who performs them in the musical episode.

TV Guide Description
This is a TV Guide description on the show.

Chicago Hope: Do You Want To Die In The Sky

Spoiler for Dec. 17 episode

Spoiler for Dec. 10 episode

Positive ID's to Air December 3

Spoiler for January 21 episode

Spoiler for the April 29 and May 6 episodes

Brain Salad Surgery
This is a Lexington Herald-Leader article about the musical episode.

Brain Salad Surgery
This is a Seattle Times article about the musical episode.

This is a New York Times article on the episode Psychodrama, it gives great examples on the films of Hitchcock that were featured in the episode.

Spoiler for February 4 episode

Spoiler for the April 8 episode.

Spoiler for March 18 episode

Spoiler for March 11 episode

Cabin Fever
This article is basically a summary, a very good summary, of what happened in the episode Cabin Fever.

Awards show jitters?
This little piece is on how nervous the cast gets before awards shows.

Brain Salad Surgery Article
This is from e-online and focuses on the episode Brain Salad Sugery (the musical.)

TV Guide Article
This is an article about CBS renewing Chicago Hope.

Spoiler for May 13 episode

Chicago Hope begins production of 5th season.

The Breast And The Brightest Spoiler

Wag The Doc Spoiler

Austin Space spoiler

Season Premiere Spoiler

Chicago Hope Episode Stirs Up Nursing Advocates
Contains a few spoilers for the 10/21/98 episode.

Spoiler for Viagra-Vated Assault

One Hundred and One Damnations Spoiler

Sixty Minute Men And Women
An article on writing hour long dramas, with John Tinker.

Adventures In Babysitting Spoiler

Chicago Hope Helps Charity
A short article that mentions how Chicago Hope helped a charity.

Spoiler for Feb. 3 episode

GLAAD Alert. CH goes to Court for Lesbians

Adam Arkin

"Doctor Doses Up On Horror Horror"

" 'Chicago Hope' Cuts Loose With An Offbeat Episode"

"Adam Does Horror"

Adam Arkin movie

Adam Arkin- Before and Behind the Camera
This is an article an interview about Adam Arkin and concentrated on his career in directing.

Adam interview
An interview, well actually it's a little game they do, with Adam Arkin on Comedy Central.

Adam Arkin- Before and Behind the Camera

Peter Berg

Critical Beatdown With Peter Berg

Quick Talk With Peter Berg
This article focuses on Peter's movie, "Very Bad Things."

Peter Berg's Top 5

Peter Berg exclusive article

Beyond Hope
A TV Guide article with Peter Berg.

Peter Berg and Madonna?

Peter Berg in Wolf Bytes
This article contains information on the Peter Berg movie "The Great White Hype." There is a picture in the article.

Peter Berg July 1997 Cosmopolitan article

Peter Berg Article from 5/96 issue of Detours Magazine

Peter Berg March 15, 1995 TV Guide article

Peter Berg Mr. Showbiz interview

Jayne Brook

Jayne Brook June 1997 Walking Article

Jayne Brook article
This is an article from Chicago Magazine. It is basically about the film Trauma, which has recently been renamed Mind Games.

Mind Games
This is a link for the new Jayne Brook film Mind Games, it was originally called Trauma.

Stacy Edwards

Stacy Edwards Article

Stacy Edwards Article

Stacy Edwards article

Stacey Edwards Article
This is from e-online and talks about Stacey Edwards joining the cast.

Hector Elizondo

Hector Elizondo Interview

Veteran Actor Survives Cuts at 'Hope'

Hector Elizondo article.
This is an article with Hector, after he won the 1997 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Hector Elizondo Article
This article is from It is from May 28, 1997 when Hector won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Imagen Foundation.

An Interview with Hector Elizondo
This is a Mediadome interview with Hector Elizondo. If you have real audio you can also download clips of Hector answering some of the questions.

Hector Elizondo interview
This interview is from GIST entertainment. It isn't really an article, you download clips of Hector answering questions so you have to have sound capability.

Thomas Gibson

Dharma & Greg articles

Carla Gugino

A Season For Miracles
Contains spoilers about a new movie Carla will be in this winter.

Vondi Curtis-Hall

What's Up Doc?

Vondi Interview
An interview, well same as the Adam thing a game show, with Vondi Curtis-Hall on Comedy Central.

Mark Harmon

Harmon To The Rescue

Straight Talk with Mark Harmon
This article is from the USA Weekend circular.

Mark Harmon Interview is another one of the little interview games the play on Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

Christine Lahti

How She Got A Life

Dr. Feel-Good

Christine Lahti Augusta Chronicle Article

Article on Christine Lahti's movie Hideaway

Peter MacNicol

Peter MacNichol Interview
Yet another Comedy Central bit.

Roma Maffia

Roma Maffia interview
This is an interview with Roma Maffia, who played Angela during the first season of Chicago Hope.

Mandy Patinkin

Wild Party

Calling Dr. Geiger

Patinkin's Language of Lore

Mandy Patinkin article This article originally appeared in the Jewish Exponent.

Mandy Patinkin Hunchback of Notre Dame Article

Mandy Patinkin July 5-11 TV Guide article

Mandy Patinkin Mr. Showbiz interview

Eric Stoltz

Peter Fonda And Eric Stoltz Go Barking Mad

The RedHeader Chats With Top Male Star, Eric Stoltz

Eric Stoltz (from Mediatrip)

Digital Image Is So Cool Even Eric Stoltz Likes It
Valley Guy -- Eric Stoltz eludes Hollywood

Eric Stoltz Interview
This is another Comedy Central bit.

Eric Stoltz Interview (again)
Eric Stoltz did another one of the Comedy Central Daily Show games.

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