The Chicago Hope Song List

This is a list of various songs that have been heard in Chicago Hope. If you can fill in any information I am missing please email me and let me know. I don't have a lot of songs listed right now, so please help if you can! Special thanks to Cindy, Emily, Allie, Heidi, Stephanie, Les, Olaf, and Rutgers for providing some of the songs listed below.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five

Season One

1. ( 1-1) "Pilot" 9/18/94
"Leaving On A Midnight Train To Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips when Geffrey is operating.

2. (1-2) "Over the Rainbow" 9/22/94
"I Dreamed a Dream" by Mandy Patinkin (can be found on his album, Experiment)

3. (1-3) "Food Chains" 9/29/94
4. (1-4) "With the Greatest of Ease" 10/6/94

"Try A Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding when Aaron and Jeffrey are talking a the end of the show.

5. (1-5) "You Gotta Have Heart"
"Baby I need Your Lovin'" by ? when Jeffrey is operating.

6. (1-6) "Shutt Down" 10/20/94
"High Hopes" by Frank Sinatra, sung on the show by Ray Kadalski.

7. (1-7) "Genevieve and the Fat Boy" 10/27/94
8. (1-8) "Death Be Proud" 11/10/94
9. (1-9) "Heartbreak" 1/1/95
"Freedom" by Aretha Franklin.
"Chain of Fools" by Aretha Franklin, both during the heart transplant.

10. (1-10) "The Quarantine" 1/2/95
"Silent Night" at the end while Phillip is talking to Arthur.

"Something Stupid" by Nancy and Frank Sinatra, sung by Jeffrey and Maggie and then later by the other in the quarentine.

11. (1-11) "Love and Hope" 1/9/95
"Coffee In A Cardboard Cup" (Casey Medley) by Mandy Patinkin (can be found on his self titled album)
"And The Band Played On" (Casey Medley) by Mandy Patinkin (can be found on his self titled album)
"Jingle Bells" sung by Mandy Patinkin on the episode at the begining.
"What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" by ?, while Geiger is putting the pacemaker in Mr. Nabbott.
"Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" by Gene Autry, when Phillip is operating on the blood clot in Mr. Nabbott.
"Mr. Sandman" by ?, when Mr. Nabbott is in a coma.
"Marie" from the Casey Medley by Mandy Patinkin (can be found on his self titled album)
"G.I. Loan" by George Jeffrey, when Aaron operates on Godfrey.

12. (1-12) "Great White Hope" 1/16/95
13. (1-13) "Small Sacrifices" 1/23/95
"Wild Thing" by Ton Loc, played as Billy Kronk is walking into the hospital

"Get Ready" by The Temptations, played as Geiger is in the operating room

14. (1-14) "Cutting Edges" 2/6/95
"Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by the Temptations when Aaron and Jeffrey are getting ready to operate on Laurie.
"?" by Tom Petty when Billy and Dennis are getting to operate on Tamara.

"Truckin'" by The Greatful Dead, played when Billy and Dennis are finishing Tamara's operation.

15. (1-15) "Life Support" 2/13/95
"It's Bitsy Spider" sung by Alan to Alicia at the beginning of the episode and then in the end of the episode.

"Puff The Magic Dragon" sung by Camille, as Aaron is operating on the police officer.

"High Hopes" by Frank Sinatra, sung by Kadalski to Danny Nyland while he is recovering from his operation.

16. (1-16) "Freeze Cuts" 2/20/95
"1812 Overture" when Geri Infante is in the operating room reattaching the ear.
17. (1-17) "Growth Pains" 2/27/95
"Just My Imagination" by The Temptations, when Jeffrey is operating on Alicia.
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" sung by Camille to Mr. Bagley and then later by Mr. Bagley.
"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" from "The Wizard of Oz" sung by Camille and Mr. Bagley. ("The House began to pitch, the wind to switch")

"Start the Car" by Cole Judd when Billy is operating on Mr. Bagley.

18. (1-18) "Informed Consent" 3/13/95
19. (1-19) "Internal Affairs" 3/20/95
"Gimme Some Money" by Spinal Tap when Jeffrey is operating on Mr. Sagonner.

"Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" by ?, sung by Alan in the bathroom.

"The Way You Do The Things You Do" by The Temptations, when Geiger is operating.

20. (1-20) "The Virus" 5/8/95
"Poisoning Pigeons In The Park" by Tom Lehrer, sung by Mandy Patinkin when Jeffrey is trying to comfort Geri.
"Someday we'll be Together" by The Supremes, while Jeffrey and Geri are operating.

21. (1-21) "Full Moon" 5/15/95
"Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder, heard when Jeffrey is operating at the beginning.

"Up On The Roof" by Ben E. King, sung by Laurie at the dinner.

"Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With the Dixie Melody" by Mandy Patinkin (can be found on his self titled album)
22. (1-22) "Songs From the Cuckoo Birds" 5/22/95
"ABC" by The Jacksons, while Jeffrey is operating.

"The Lumberjack" by Jackyl, played while Billy is in the operating room, after he asks for Lynard Skynard.

"Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynard Skynard, played while Billy is in the OR
"Political Science" by Randy Newman (from his cd "Sail away") sung by Mandy Patinkin in the bar.

Second Season

23. (2-1) "Hello Goodbye" 9/18/95

"Shake Your Booty" by KC And The Sunshine Band, when Billy is on the runway.

"You Wreck Me" by Tom Petty, when Danny is operating.

"What's become of the broken hearted" by ?, when Jeffrey is operating.

"The Way You Do The Things You Do" by ?, when Jeffrey is operating.

"?" by ?, when Jeffrey is operating. ("that case I don't want to part, that would only break my heart. If you feel like giving in...)

"Theme from The Jefferson's" by ?, sung by Sandra.

24. (2-2) "Rise From the Dead" 9/25/95

"Under The Boardwalk" by The Drifters, when Diane is talking to Allison.

"?" by Puccini, when Kate is operating.

"Heat Wave" by The Who, when Jeffrey starts to assist Kate.

"Get Ready" by The Temptations, when Jeffrey and Kate are operating.

25. (2-3) "A Coupla Stiffs" 10/2/95
"In the Midnight Hour" by Wilson Pickett, cd played by Geiger, who is also singing.

26. (2-4) "Every Day a Little Death" 10/9/95
"I Wish I Could Forget You" by Mandy Patinkin (can be found on the Oscar and Steve album)
27. (2-5) "Wild Cards" 10/16/95
28. (2-6) "Who Turned Out the Lights?" 10/30/95
29. (2-7) "From Soup to Nuts" 11/6/95
Everybody is singing "Don't cry for me, Argentina" from the musical "Evita" during the wedding ceremony.

30. (2-8) "Leave of Absence" 11/13/95
31. (2-9) "Stand" 11/20/95
32. (2-10) "The Ethics of Hope" 11/27/95
"In The Midnight Hour" by Wilson Pickett, when Kate and Billy are operating at the beginning of the show.

33. (2-11) "Christmas Truce" 12/11/95
"Let it Snow" by ?, when Danny is getting ready to drill a whole in the man's head.

34. (2-12) "Transplanted Hope" 1/8/96
"Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynard Skynard. Heard in operating room as Geiger and Kronk are performing heart transplant.

35. (2-13) "Three Men and a Lady" 1/15/96
"Imagination" by Fleetwood Mac?, when Kate and Billy are performing the laser surgery on the heart patient.

36. (2-14) "Right to Life" 1/22/96
"Chatanooga Choo Choo" sung by two transvestites in hospital room.

37. (2-15) "Hearts and Minds" 2/5/96
"X-files theme" at the begining when Danny is examining the woman impregnated by an alien.

38. (2-16) "Women On the Verge" 2/12/96
??? by Tom Petty, when Kronk is playing hockey.

39. (2-17) "Life Lines" 2/26/96
"Don't Rain on My Parade" from "Funny Girl", sung by Bix when her and Aaron are getting hot dogs.

"One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer" by ??, when Billy and Danny are operating.

40. (2-18) "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" 3/11/96
41. (2-19) "Sweet Surrender" 3/18/96
42. (2-20) "The Parent Rap" 4/29/96
43. (2-21) "Quiet Riot" 5/6/96
"Kokomo" by The Beach Boys. When Sutton is beginning to operate.

44. (2-22) "Ex Marks the Spot" 5/13/96
45. (2-23) "Last One Out, Get the Lights" 5/20/96

Season Three

46. (3-1) "Out of Africa" 9/16/96
"A Case of You" by Joni Mitchell played at the end of the episode.

47. (3-2) "Back to the Future" 9/23/96
"Bamboleo" by the Gypsy Kings at the beginning of the episode, played by Watters in the car.

48. (3-3) "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" 9/30/96
"Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin.

49. (3-4) "Liver Let Die" 10/7/96
50. (3-5) "Liar, Liar" 10/14/96
51. (3-6) "Higher Powers" 10/21/96
"Wild Thing" by Tone Loc when Billy comes into the hospital.
52. (3-7) "A Time to Kill" 11/4/96
53. (3-8) "A Day In the Life" 11/11/96
54. (3-9) "Divided Loyalty" 11/18/96
55. (3-10) "V-Fibbing" 11/25/96
56. (3-11) "Mummy Dearest" 12/9/96

"Shooting Star" by ? when Jack is on his car phone talking to his bookie.
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by ? when Diane and Billy are making up.

57. (3-12) "Split Decisions" 1/6/97
"So What" from the album "Kind of blue" by Miles Davis, played by Watters in the operating room. He mentions that it's Davis' best album.

58. (3-13) "Verdicts" 1/13/97
59. (3-14) "The Day of the Rope" 1/20/97
"Nothing worth living for" by Violent Femmes. Sung by Elkes in the store.
60. (3-15) "Take My Wife, Please" 2/3/97
61. (3-16) "Missed Conception" (part 1 of 2) 2/10/97
62. (3-17) "Mother May I" (part 2 of 2) 2/17/97
63. (3-18) "Growing Pains" 3/10/97
64. (3-19) "The Son Also Rises" 3/17/97
65. (3-20) "Second Chances" 4/7/97
"Just My Imagination" by The Temptation

66. (3-21) "Positive ID's" 4/13/97
67. (3-22) "Leggo My Ego" 4/21/97
68. (3-23) "Colonel of Truth" 4/28/97
69. (3-24) "Lamb to the Slaughter" 5/5/97
"You Got Nothing On Me" by Shawn Colvin when Billy and Diane are getting up.

70. (3-25) "Love on the Rocks" 5/12/97
71. (3-26) "Hope Against Hope" 5/19/97

Season Four

72. (4-1) "Guns N Roses" 10/1/97
73. (4-2) "The Incredible Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen... by Proxy" 10/8/97
74. (4-3) "Brain Salad Surgery" 10/16/97
"Ain't That a Kick in The Head" by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra
"You and Me Against the World" by Helen Reddy
"Brand New Key" by Melanie
"When I'm on my Journey" by The Weavers
"Luck be a Lady" sung by Adam Arkin; with Hector Elizondo, Mark Harmon, and Vondie Curtis-Hall
"I'll Be There" by Mandy Patinkin
"When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along" by Mandy Patinkin (can be found on his Dress Casual album)... also played on the player piano in the gas station.
"All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix
"Walk Like A Man" by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons
"Goin' Out of my Head" by The Letterman

75. (4-4) "Sympathy for the Devil" 10/22/97
76. (4-5) "...And the Hand Played On" 10/29/97
77. (4-6) "The Lung and the Restless" 11/5/97
78. (4-7) "White Trash" 11/13/97
79. (4-8) "Wingin' It" 11/19/97
80. (4-9) "Cabin Fever" 11/26/97
"Emotional Love" by John Mellencamp when Lisa, Diane, and Kate are driving to and from the cabin.

"Breakdown" by Tom Petty when Lisa, Diane, and Kate are asking for directions to Jacks cabin.

"Circling Around the Moon" by John Mellencamp when Lisa, Diane, and Kate are driving back from the cabin.

81. (4-10) "All In The Family" 12/10/97
82. (4-11) "On Golden Pons" 12/17/97
"Let It Snow" by ? at the Christmas party.

"Merry Christmas Baby" by Bruce Springsteen at the Christmas party.

83. (4-12) "Broken Hearts" 1/7/98
84. (4-13) "Memento Mori" 1/14/98
85. (4-14) "Psychodrama" 1/21/98
86. (4-15) "The Tie that Binds" 2/4/98
"Three Little Bird" by Bob Marley when Diane is leaving her friends house.

87. (4-16) "The Things We Do For Love" 3/4/98
88. (4-17) "Liver, Hold The Onions" 3/11/98
89. (4-18) "Waging Bull" 3/18/98
"After the Lovin'," by Englebert Humperdinck he sings this at the end to Aaron.
"Viva Las Vegas," by Elvis Presley
"I Will Not Go Quietly," by Don Henley
"Luck Be a Lady," from Guys and Dolls (Aaron sings a brief snippet at the craps table, before being given nasty looks by other players.)
"Sweet Bird of Youth" by Joshua Kadison
"Sympathy for the Devil," by the Rolling Stones

90. (4-19) "Objects Are Closer Than They Appear" 3/25/98
91. (4-20) "Deliverance" 4/1/98
92. (4-21) "Bridge Over Troubled Watters" 4/8/98
93. (4-22) "Risky Business" 4/29/98
94. (4-23) "Absent Without Leave" 5/6/98
"Theme from LA Law" played in the beginning as Aaron and Samara are in Los Angeles.

95. (4-24) "Physician, Heal Thyself" 5/13/98
"Turn Around" by The Kingston Trio at the very end of the episode.

Season Five

96. (5-1) "Sarindipity" 9/30/98
"Back In The Saddle Again" by Gene Autry, played when Aaron started operating.

97. (5-2) "Austin Space" 10/7/98
98. (5-3) "Wag the Doc" 10/14/98
99. (5-4) "The Breast and The Brightest" 10/21/98
100. (5-5) "One Hundred and One Damnations" 10/28/98
"So Far Away" by Carole King and covered by Rod Stewart. Camille sings this at the end of the episode.

101. (5-6) "Viagra-Vated Assault" 11/4/98
102. (5-7) "Austin, We Have A Problem" 11/11/98
103. (5-8) "The Other Cheek" 11/18/98
"Theme From Entertainment Tonight" played at the very beginning and at various points through out the episode.
"Amazing Grace" sung at the end after the funeral for Todd Landers.

104. (5-9) "Tantric Turkey" 11/25/98
105. (5-10) "Gun With The Wind" 12/9/98
106. (5-11) "McNeil And Pray" 12/16/98
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by ?, at the Christmas Party.
"Silent Night" by ?, at the Christmas Party.
"Rockin' Around The Cristmas Tree", by ?, at the Christmas Party.
107. (5-12) "Adventures In Babysitting" 1/13/99
"?" by Ani DeFranco, by the babysitter in Diane and Billy's apartment.
108. (5-13) "Karmic Relief" 1/20/99
109. (5-14) "Playing Through" 2/3/99
"CowPoke" by Don Wasler, when Bobby is getting ready for work.
"Hot Blooded" by Foreigner, sung by Dolores.
"The Girl from Ipanema" by ?, sung by Dolores right before Yeats throws a book at her.
"Keep On Trucking" by ?, when Jack is in his office.
110. (5-15) "Big Hand For The Little Lady" 2/10/99
111. (5-16) "Home Is Where The Heartache Is" 2/17/99
112. (5-17) "A Goy And His Dog" 3/10/99
113. (5-18) "Teacher's Pet" 3/24/99
114. (5-19) "Vanishing Acts" 3/31/99
115. (5-20) "From Here to Maternity" 4/14/99
116. (5-21) "And Baby Makes 10" 4/21/99
117. (5-22) "Kiss Of Death" 4/29/99
118. (5-23) "The Heaven's Can Wait" 5/12/99
119. (5-24) "Curing Cancer" 5/19/99
120. (6-1) "Team Play" 9/23/99
121. (6-2) "Y'Gotta Have Heart" 9/30/99
122. (6-3) "Oh, What A Piece Of Work Man Is" 10/7/99
123. (6-4) "Vigilance And Care" 10/14/99
124. (6-5) "Humpty Dumpty" 10/21/99
? by L7 when Hanlon is operating.

? by Limp Bizkit when Hanlon is operating on Cacaci.

125. (6-6) "Upstairs, Downstairs" 10/28/99
126. (6-7) "White Rabbit" 11/11/99
127. (6-8) "The Heart To Heart" 11/18/99
128. (6-9) "The Golden Hour" 12/9/99
129. (6-10) "Hanlon's Choice" 1/6/00
130. (6-11) "Faith, Hope and Surgery" 1/13/00
131. (6-12) "Letting Go" 1/20/00
132. (6-13) "Boys Will Be Girls" 2/3/00
133. (6-14) "Gray Matters" 2/10/00
134. (6-15) "Painful Cuts" 2/17/00
135. (6-16) "Simon Sez" 2/24/00
136. (6-17) "Cold Hearts" 3/30/00
137. (6-18) "Devoted Attachment" 4/6/00
138. (6-19) "Miller Time" 4/13/00
139. (6-20) "Thoughts Of You" 4/20/00
140. (6-21) "Everybody's Special At Chicago Hope" 4/27/00
141. (6-22) "Have I Got A Deal For You" 5/4/00

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