Season One

1. "Pilot" 9/18/94
Camille files divorce papers.

Introduction of Karen Antonovich.

Phillip reveals the death of Jeffrey's son, who was less than a year old.

2. "Over the Rainbow" 9/22/94
Geiger bites Thurmond.

Geiger places artificial heart in deceased patient.

Introduction of Jonathon Saunders, from Rayfield Health HMO.

Introduction of Laurie Geiger.

Laurie reveals that she drowned Joey, her and Geiger's son.

3. "Food Chains" 9/29/94
Introduction of Danny Nyland.

Austin Hackett, chief of Staff, dies while having sex with Angela in an MRI machine.
Geiger puts a baboons heart in an adult body.

4. "With the Greatest of Ease" 10/6/94
Camille and Aaron kiss.
Geiger is arrested for solicitation.
Introduction of Det. Stacey Hallmora, who Birch begins dating.
Camille moves into her new apartment.

Geiger reveals that Laurie drowned their son and that she is institutionalized.

5. "You Gotta Have Heart"

Dr. Karen Antonivich comes to Chicago Hope from Texas.
Aaron kisses Dr. Antonivich.

6. "Shutt Down" 10/20/94
Gun battle occurs on the emergency room.
Dr. Karen Antonovich joins the Chicago Hope Staff.
Antonovich and Shutt begin relationship.

7. "Genevieve and the Fat Boy" 10/27/94
Antonovich told she has a fatal disease, brain metastases.

8. "Death Be Proud" 11/10/94
Antonovich dies.
Introduction of Dr. Geri Infante.

9. "Heartbreak" 1/1/95
Sarah Jane Petty, a new nurse sues Dr. Thurmond and the hospital in a sexual harrassment suit..
Nyland performs his first transplant.
Camille drops a donor heart.
Danny and Camille sleep together.

10. "The Quarantine" 1/2/95
Aaron discovers that Camille slept with Danny.
Dr. Thurmond has a heart attack.
Last episode with Dr. Thurmond.
Camille and Aaron get back together.

11. "Love and Hope" 1/9/95
Aaron and Camille go on a date.
Shutt experiences impotency.
Aaron and Camille have sex on his office floor.

12. "Great White Hope" 1/16/95

Aaron is audited, and discovers that Angela has been embezzling from him to buy insurance for the hospital custodial staff.
Last appearance of Angela.
Alan considers adopting the baby of a teenager, who wants to give her up.

13. "Small Sacrifices" 1/23/95
Introduction of Dr. Billy Kronk.

14. "Cutting Edges" 2/6/95
Laurie tells Geiger that she wants a divorce, and wants to marry Gilbert.
Introduction of Dr. Dennis Hancock.
Geiger is first shown pacing in his office in his underwear.

15. "Life Support" 2/13/95
Two of Danny's fingers are severed by an exploding bullet, that he was trying to remove from an injured police officer.

16. "Freeze Cuts" 2/20/95
Geri asks Jeffrey on a date.
Introduction of Dr. Diane Grad.

17. "Growth Pains" 2/27/95
Geiger operates on Alicia after she goes into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Kadalski goes before the board regarding his psychiatric program.

18. "Informed Consent" 3/13/95
Introduction of Annie, Billy's girlfriend.
Billy learns that Annie ised to be a man.

19. "Internal Affairs" 3/20/95
Billy cuts off a man's leg with a chain saw.

20. "The Virus" 5/8/95

21. "Full Moon" 5/15/95
Jeffrey intorduces Geri to Laurie and Gilbert.
Jeffrey has a "meltdown."

22. "Songs From the Cuckoo Birds" 5/22/95
Jeffrey loses his medical license and must appear before a judge to get it back, which he does.
Last appearance of Dr. Geri Infante.

Second Season

23. "Hello Goodbye" 9/18/95
Introduction of Kate Austin

24. "Rise From the Dead" 9/25/95

25. "A Coupla Stiffs" 10/2/95
Aaron and Camille sign divorce papers.

26. "Every Day a Little Death" 10/9/95

27. "Wild Cards" 10/16/95

28. "Who Turned Out the Lights?" 10/30/95
Dr. John Sutton joins the Hospital Staff.

Aaron and Kate kiss.
29. "From Soup to Nuts" 11/6/95

30. "Leave of Absence" 11/13/95
Alan Birch shot and killed
Dr. Jeffrey Geiger leaves his job at the hospital.

Aaron and Kate kiss.
31. "Stand" 11/20/95
Phillip sleeps with Marguirite Birch, Alan's sister.
Diane reveals to Kate that she has been carrying a gun around to feel safe, she gives the gun to Kate.

32. "The Ethics of Hope" 11/27/95
Diane bit by Bam Bam, the ape she injected with AIDS

33. "Christmas Truce" 12/11/95

34. "Transplanted Hope" 1/8/96

35. "Three Men and a Lady" 1/15/96
Kate and Billy sleep together.

36. "Right to Life" 1/22/96
Diane reveals she is adopted.

37. "Hearts and Minds" 2/5/96

38. "Women On the Verge" 2/12/96

39. "Life Lines" 2/26/96
Billy sues Kate for Sexual Harrassment.

40. "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" 3/11/96
Drs. Diane Grad and Billy Kronk kiss for the first time

41. "Sweet Surrender" 3/18/96

42. "The Parent Rap" 4/29/96
Aaron's father is killed (it is later revealed that he was his step father.)

43. "Quiet Riot" 5/6/96

44. "Ex Marks the Spot" 5/13/96

45. "Last One Out, Get the Lights" 5/20/96
Tommy tells the staff that he plans to purchase the hospital.
Kate plans on leaving the country with Sarah.
Danny has an affair wtih Valerie Farr, the fiance of a very rich patient that Kate approached about purchasing the hospital (he agreed, as long as Danny was fired.).
Last appearance of Camille Shutt and Dr. John Sutton.
After loosing her research grant, Diane decides to go to Africa.
Dennis is shot by his brother-in-law.
Billy follows Diane to Africa.

Season Three

46. "Out of Africa" 9/16/96
Introduction of Dr. Kieth Wilkes.

Kate returns to Chicago with Sarah.

47. "Back to the Future" 9/23/96
Diane returns from Africa, only to find that Billy hasn't made it back yet.

Introduction of Dr. Jack McNeil.

48. "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" 9/30/96
Diane begins general practice in the Hospital.

49. "Liver Let Die" 10/7/96

50. "Liar, Liar" 10/14/96

51. "Higher Powers" 10/21/96
Billy returns from Africa.

52. "A Time to Kill" 11/4/96

53. "A Day In the Life" 11/11/96

54. "Divided Loyalty" 11/18/96
Kronk reveals that his father had a stroke.
Last episode with Dr. Caroline Eggert.

55. "V-Fibbing" 11/25/96

56. "Mummy Dearest" 12/9/96
Marisella kisses Aaron.

57. "Split Decisions" 1/6/97

58. "Verdicts" 1/13/97

59. "The Day of the Rope" 1/20/97
Kronk and Austin held hostage by terrorists.

Billy tells Diane he loves her.

60. "Take My Wife, Please" 2/3/97

61. "Missed Conception" (part 1 of 2) 2/10/97
Aaron tells Phillip that they should buy the hospital and get rid of Tommy Wilmette, Phillip agrees.

62. "Mother May I" (part 2 of 2) 2/17/97
Last appearance of Tommy Wilmette.

63. "Growing Pains" 3/10/97

64. "The Son Also Rises" 3/17/97
Dr. Shutt's father appears.

65. "Second Chances" 4/7/97
Danny hits a telephone poll with his car.

66. "Positive ID's" 4/13/97
Diane proposes to Billy, he accepts.

67. "Leggo My Ego" 4/21/97
Diane and Billy's engagement is called off.

Diane and Aaron kiss.

68. "Colonel of Truth" 4/28/97

69. "Lamb to the Slaughter" 5/5/97
Wilkes, Nyland, McNeil and Watter testify when a patient dies in the ER.

70. "Love on the Rocks" 5/12/97
Danny arrested for Manslaughter, on the patient who died in the previous episode.

Kate named Chief of Staff.

Last appearance of Dr. Danny Nyland.

71. "Hope Against Hope" 5/19/97
Billy tries to kill his own father.

Dr. Danny Nyland leaves the hospital.

Dr. Geiger buys controlling interest in Hope HealthCare.

Dr. Kieth Wilkes gets back together with his wife.

Season Four
72. "Guns N Roses" 10/1/97
Grad takes over Nyland's place in the ER.
Kronk proposes to Grad, she says yes.
Kronk reveals that he is thinking about leaving the ER.

73. "The Incredible Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen... by Proxy" 10/8/97
Grad informs Kronk that she isn't sure if she wants to be a mother.
McNeil is arrested for gambling, joins Gamblers Annonymous.
It's Aaron's Birthday.

74. "Brain Salad Surgery" 10/16/97
Aaron decides to quit Chicago Hope and take a job teaching at Harvard.
Dr. Aaron Shutt has an anneurism.

75. "Sympathy for the Devil" 10/22/97
Aaron comes out of his coma.
Aaron decides not to accept job at Harvard.
Aaron suffers from seizures.

76. "...And the Hand Played On" 10/29/97
Introduction of Dr. Lisa Catera.
Introduction of Danny Blaines, Dr. Austin's boyfriend.

77. "The Lung and the Restless" 11/5/97
Diane discovers she is pregnant.
Aaron realizes that he will never operate again.
Dennis tells Aaron that he is gay.

78. "White Trash" 11/13/97
Diane and Billy get married.
Aaron decides to study psychology.

Billy goes to Africa for four months.

79. "Wingin' It" 11/19/97
Aaron moves out of his office.
Aaron's first day as a psych resident.
Jack and Kate are forced to perform an emergency surgery on an airplane.

80. "Cabin Fever" 11/26/97
Lisa's ex-boyfriend, who has been stalking her, shows up at the hospital.
Lisa, Kate and Diane leave the hospital for a girl's vacation.
Diane attacked and almost raped.
Kate kills Diane's attacker, after he attempts to attack her.

81. "All In The Family" 12/10/97
Watters discovers that his son, Michael, has quit medical school.
Charles Wilkes, Keith's father, shows up at the hospital.

82. "On Golden Pons" 12/17/97
Keith is arested for DUI.
Phillip's accountant leaves town with all of Phillip's money.
Billy returns from Africa, early.
Aaron steps down as Chief of Neurosurgery.

83. "Broken Hearts" 1/7/98
Introduction of Stephanie, the women Phillip had an affair with during his marriage.

Jack asks Lisa on a date, she says no.

84. "Memento Mori" 1/14/98
The hospital has a black out and Jack get stuck in the elevator with Kate and Dr. Cacaci's children.

85. "Psychodrama" 1/21/98
Introduction of Sean McNeil, Jack's brother.
Diane locates her biological mother.

86. "The Tie that Binds" 2/4/98
Diane discovers a lump in her breast.

87. "The Things We Do For Love" 3/4/98
Kate introduces Danny to Sara.
Danny suddenly becomes violent towards Kate, and she storms out of his apartment.
Kate breaks up with Danny, after he tries to give her an expensive present to apologize for his behavior.
Phillip takes up stand-up comedy.
Billy gets into a fight in a bar.

88. "Liver, Hold The Mushrooms" 3/11/98
Diane and Billy get kicked out of lamaze.
Diane tells Billy about the attempted rape at the cabin.
Aaron tries hypnotherapy on a patient.
Kate and Cacaci attend a sensitivity seminar.

89. "Waging Bull" 3/18/98
Phillip, Aaron, Keith, and Jack attend a seminar in Las Vegas.
After a friend is killed, Jack begins gambling again.
Jack is stabbed.

90. "Objects Are Closer Than They Appear" 3/25/98
Jack is back in Gamblers Anonymous, has attended more than 40 hours since coming back from Las Vegas.
Kate discovers that Sara has been sniffing paint to get high.
Billy wants Diane to stop working until the baby is born, and she agrees.

91. "Deliverance" 4/1/98
Diane gives birth to her and Billy's daughter, Emily.
Jack and Lisa make love.

xx. Early Edition/Chicago Hope crossover 4/4/98
92. "Bridge Over Troubled Watters" 4/8/9
Dr. Phillip Watters' son dies.

93. "Risky Business" 4/29/98

94. "Absent Without Leave" 5/6/98
First appearance of Billy's mother, Beverly.

95. "Physician, Heal Thyself" 5/13/98

Aaron performs his first medical procedure since his annuerism.

Season Five

96. (5-1) "Sarindipity" 9/30/98
Aaron performs first operation since annuerism.
Billy decides to stay at home with Emily.
Keith purchases a gun.
Dennis is poisoned in a Sarin Gas attack.

97. (5-2) "Austin Space" 10/7/98
98. (5-3) "Wag the Doc" 10/14/98
Introduction of Dr. Robert Yeats

99. (5-4) "The Breast and The Brightest" 10/21/98
Kate Austin looses her job of Chief of Staff.
Joseph Cacaci becommes Chicago Hope new Chief of Staff.

100. (5-5) "One Hundred and One Damnations" 10/98/28
Camille returns for the hospitals 20th anniversary and announces she's a nurse practioneer.
Watters becomes ill and almost dies.
Camille and Aaron sleep together.
Daniel Nyland returns to the hospital, as a priest, to pray for Watters.

101. (5-6) "Viagra-Vated Assault" 11/4/98
McNeil is suspended after giving a patient a blood transfusion against the patients will.
McNeil is arrested for assault.

102. (5-7) "Austin, We Have A Problem" 11/11/98
103. (5-8) "The Other Cheek" 11/18/98
104. (5-9) "Tantric Turkey" 11/25/98
Beverly Kronk gives birth.

105. (5-10) "Gun With The Wind" 12/9/98
Raymond shoots his friend while they are playing.

106. (5-11) "McNeil and Pray" 12/16/98
Kate and Robert kiss.

107. (5-12) "Adventures In Babysitting" 1/13/99
Billy kisses Emily's babysitter.

108. (5-13) "Karmic Relief" 1/20/99
Kate and Bobby sleep together.

109. (5-14) "Playing Through" 2/3/99
Bobby and Lisa kiss.
Diane is exposed to HIV when she cuts herself with a scalpal during an operation.

110. (5-15) "Big Hand For The Little Lady" 2/10/99
Kate is accepted into the Nasa program.

111. (5-16) "Home Is Where The Heartache Is" 2/17/99
Dr. Cacaci looses his job as chief of surgery.

112. (5-17) "A Goy and His Dog" 3/10/99
Billy decides to put Gordy to sleep.

113. (5-18) "Teacher's Pet" 3/24/99
114. (5-19) "Vanishing Acts" 3/31/99
115. (5-20) "From Here To Maternity" 4/14/99
116. (5-21) "And Baby Makes Ten" 4/21/99
117. (5-22) "Kiss Of Death" 4/28/99

118. (5-23) "The Heaven's Can Wait" 5/17/99
Kate and Sara are hit by a drunk driver.
Phillip quits his job as chief of staff.

119. (5-24) "Curing Cancer" 5/19/99

Dr. Jeffrey Geiger returns to Chicago Hope.
Last episode of Dr Billy Kronk.
Last episode of Dr. Diane Grad.
Last episode of Dr. Kate Austin.
Last episode of Dr. Lisa Catera.
Last episode of Dr. Bobby Yeats.
Last episode of Dr. Dennis Hancock.
Introduction of Dr. Simon.
Introduction of Dr. Gates.

120. (6-1) "Team Play" 9/23/99
Introduction of Dr. Alberghetti.
Introduction of Dr. Hanlon.

121. (6-2) "Y'Gotta Have Heart" 9/30/99
122. (6-3) "Oh, What A Piece Of Work Man Is" 10/7/99
123. (6-4) "Vigilance And Care" 10/14/99
124. (6-5) "Humpty Dumpty" 10/21/99
125. (6-6) " Upstairs, Downstairs" 10/28/99
126. (6-7) "White Rabbit" 11/11/99
127. (6-8) "The Heart To Heart" 11/18/99
128. (6-9) "The Golden Hour" 12/9/99
129. (6-10) "Hanlon's Choice" 1/6/00
130. (6-11) "Faith, Hope and Surgery" 1/13/00
131. (6-12) "Letting Go" 1/20/00
132. (6-13) "Boys Will Be Girls" 2/3/00
133. (6-14) "Gray Matters" 2/10/00
134. (6-15) "Painful Cuts" 2/17/00
135. (6-16) "Simon Sez" 2/24/00
136. (6-17) "Cold Hearts" 3/30/00
137. (6-18) "Devoted Attachment" 4/6/00
138. (6-19) "Miller Time" 4/13/00
Introduction of Hugh Miller.

139. (6-20) "Thoughts Of You" 4/20/00
140. (6-21) "Everybody's Special At Chicago Hope" 4/27/00
141. (6-22) "Have I Got A Deal For You" 5/4/00

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