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Sorry 'bout the delay folks, but somehow, my page got erased. Now I'm not blaming anyone, but if you've been fooling around on my page, I know where you live. Thanks for coming back and remembering the little people, namely me. As you may or may not know, this page is a living homage to my favorite TV shows:


My Own Links

Here's my brand new New York Jets Page. Well, by popular request (thanks Dad) I have created this page for Gang Green, the New York Jets. Here you'll find scores, stories, standings and stats for the worst team in the NFL last year.

Here is my home for the Jets Webring, where all Jets pages will be kept for easy search.

Visit my Fantasy League Baseball Page- The Home of the Delaware Illusion- Well, back-to back championships for the Illusion. Look here to see the final results and a look at my final team roster.

Speaking of Fantasy Baseball, that icon below means that I am a winner of the distinguished Tobin Cup for literature. If you would like to read my article, on why steals and saves make a good Fantasy team, check it out at The Sales Pitch. I would like to thank everyone I know for this award. Oh you like me. You really like me!

My Simpsons Page - Here you will find sounds and quotes featuring Homer Simpson.

My Home of the Yankees - A complete look at the 1997 playoffs and the Yankees' Division Series matchup with the Cleveland Indians.

And here is my Resume - See what I've done in my previous life, besides developing this page. And if you feel like you want to give me a job (hint, hint) be my guest.

And here are some of my favorite links:

If you're a follower of Homer, as I am, then you're sure to love The Simpsons Archive. Here you can get episode guides, upcoming TV broadcasts, and some great Simpsons trivia.

For the best site on the net for the best show on the tube, check out The Seinfeld Index Page. Here you will find info on characters, episodes, and links to other Seinfeld page.

is the best place on the net to find out info on sports. This place has scores, stats, summaries, and up to the minute stories.

For the official site of the World Series Champions, go to The New York Yankees Home Plate This is a great place to find out info on tickets, games, and Yankee Stadium. Check out the interactive stadium viewer. Really cool!

Check out my friend Kevin's page at The Kevin Meyers Project Kevin is also in my Fantasy Baseball league, check out his fantasy team at The Jersey Bombers page

From 1990 to 1994, I was a member of The New Players Company at Ridgewood High School. Now, current New Player Jen Rossi runs a web page with cast lists, and upcoming shows. You can also get on the New Players mailing list.

To find out anything about any movie ever, go to the Internet Movie Database Check out your favorite movie, or look up my favorite, JFK.

Click here to see my top 10 favorite films of all time.

Also, check out my JFK Page. I have quotes, cast and crew lists, and some pictures.

Searching for a search engine? and are some of the best.

To see a few pictures of my trip to London, check out my London Picture Page.

If you have any questions, or would like to comment on my page, please me

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