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WARNING: If you are a Tad and Liza Lover ( I actually prefer Tad and Liza Loser), this may make you ill.

(Funny. The thought of Tad and Liza together makes ME ill!)

In my opinion, the notion of Tad Martin and Liza Colby Chandler is one of the worst mistakes All My Children has ever made in the nearly 30 years on air. (Coming soon -- Pod Paradise )

We are FATALists -- Fans Against Tad And Liza. We are very loyal fans who recognize a quality pairing... This ain't one of them.

Please don't get our mission confused. We do not hate Michael E. Knight (Tad) or Marcy Walker (Liza). In fact, most of us love Tad and Liza as separate entities. It's just... Tad and Liza do not blend well at all. In the words of one FATAList, watching Tad and Liza together is like watching "two animals of a different species trying to mate."

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The FATAList Consitution

Well, here it is.... Do you think YOU have TALENT?

The TALENT Competition

To see why The Queen hates Jake Martin, better known as the Smeghead...

Death to Smeggie!

Some people seem to insist that there is chemistry between these two real-life friends. I don't see it. Others don't see it. Does it exist? Is it a figment of some very delusional people's imaginations?

The answer: The FATALists are correct, hands-down. The "chemistry" is a figment of their imaginations. How can something exist when it's not there? In the words of another FATAList, Tad and Liza together are the opposite of peanut butter cups -- two great things that DON'T go great together.

Tad and Liza have soul mates. Thank goodness they're not each other's. But I digress... Tad's is, was, and will forever be Dixie Cooney, the sweet little Southern belle from Pigeon Hollow, WV. Tad and Dixie are still a phenomenon. To see more on All My Children's most popular supercouple of all time, please click on the link.

Tad and Dixie

Liza's soulmate lives in Pine Valley, PA. He is a ruthless, conniving, egotistical man... Just like Liza. Of course this man is Adam Chandler. Adam is Liza's soul mate. Liza is Adam; Adam is Liza. To see a rather lengthy history on Pine Valley's most popular current couple, click here (This is still under construction):

Liza and Adam

And then, there's Tad and Liza... To see their sordid history, click here:

Tad and Liza

Over the years, Tad and Liza have had a less than normal relationship... If you could call a few one-night stands here and there a relationship. They have consistently destroyed each other's lives, intentionally and unintentionally. Over the years, Tad and Liza have done horribly pathetic things to each other. In some terribly misguided people's opinion, these things were done out of love. In the FATALists opinion, it's because they are two people who are in desperate need of therapy.

To see Tad's worst sins commited against Liza...

Tad's Sins

To see Liza's worst sins commited against Tad...

Liza's Sins

Liza and Tad have always insulted each other in the lowest, most cruel way they can think of. Here are a few of best of the most shattering insults they've said to each other...

Tad and Liza insults

If you are a true FATAList, check this out. Contact ABC about your feelings! Get Dixie back and into Tad's arms! Keep Liza and Adam together! Help keep Tad... and David Hayward far, far away from Liza!

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To my fellow founding FATALists... You know who you are! We're doing a great job, ladies! Keep up the good work! For that, I'm bringing the Orsini! Salut!

Thanks again! The Queen of the FATALists

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