I've tried to find every link out there which is remotely related to CitC. If you have a page or know of a link that isn't listed here, please let me know.

Episode guides
Episode lists and descriptions, and sometimes extras.

Caroline in the City (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)
A fairly extensive and up-to-date episode guide.

Caroline in the City: Complete Episode Guide & Ticket Information
Back to the Future Club's CitC page.

Caroline In The City - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
A basic episode and cast list.

TV Guides - Caroline In The City
A detailed episode guide for the first season, including a guest star guide and episode list for seasons 2 and 3.

"Official" pages
Not actually affiliated with the show except for the first one, but they have a lot of useful and official-looking material.

NBC: Caroline in the City
The official CitC page.

Ask a question!
Have one of the volunteers at allexperts.com answer your questions about CitC.

Caroline in the City
Character information and listings for Calgary 7. (Look around this site and there's another page where you can watch CitC live via webcast.)

"Caroline in the City" (1995)
Information on from The Internet Movie Database about the show, the crew, the regular cast and all guest stars.

The UltimateTV Show List
UltimateTV's CitC page, with a wide variety of links.

The Zone: Television - Caroline in the City
General information, including mailing list and newsgroup info, and links.

Fan pages
You can surf through CitC stuff "Until blood pours out your ears."

Candace's CitC Page
Movies of Malcolm and Lea to download.

Caroline in the City
Downloads, information on the characters and production, links, and the CitC Mailing List (including Pepper's world tour!)

Caroline in the City - Choy's Home on the Web
Character information, bulletin board, links, and information on air dates in Sweden.

The Caroline in the City Ring
How to join the ring. A great idea if you have a CitC page and want it publicised.

Caroline in the City Sounds
Wave files and links.

Caroline in the City Transcripts
First season transcripts.

Colleen's Caroline In The City Page
Pictures, sounds, links and a ParaChat chat room.

Erin's "Caroline in the City" Page
Pictures and links.

Mediachick's "Caroline In The City" HomePage
More pictures and links.

My Television Page
Quite a lot of links, and snippets about other shows.

Natalie's Caroline in the City Page
Quote of the day, and links.

Pictures and a wave file of the theme music.

Welcome to Caroline's Place!
Actor information and pictures.

Friend's pages
CitC pages of people I know on IRC.

Blue Arsenic's Caroline in the City Page
Character information, fanfic, transcripts, sounds, and links.

Caroline in the City (The World of CitizenNancy)
Loads of fanfic, IRC information, and a quiz or two.

Pictures, R&C tribute, episode guide with transcripts, an extensive fanfic page, and more.

Bits and Pieces
Pages that are somehow related to the show and that you might find interesting.

Bonnie Timmons Home Page
Visit the web page of the cartoonist behind Caroline in the City, Bonnie Timmons.

Caroline in the City
A piece about Helen Slater's guest apperance on the show.

How to get tickets to a filming.

Listings for KTAL.

Current Air Schedule
An article about the show's music, by Jonathan Wolff.

Due to special requests....
Hand-drawn sketches of Lea and Malcolm.

Entertainment 1
An article about secondary characters in sitcoms, with quotes from Malcolm Gets.

Caroline Abroad
CitC in other countries.

Caroline in the City - The German Episode Titles
Episode titles in German. Their translations, if you can get them, are kind of amusing when compared to their English counterparts.

Caroline in the City
A French CitC page. Being an ignorant person who doesn't speak French I don't know what it's about, but it looks good.

Zeiram-Series TV: Caroline in the City
Javi's CitC page in Spanish.

Lea Thompson
aka Caroline Duffy.

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Malcolm Gets
aka Richard Karinsky.

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