Thanks a lot for stopping off at my site, and for e-mailing me about it. To make it a bit simpler for everyone involved (mostly me...) I've made this list of guidelines. While I love getting e-mail about my page, there are a few annoying things that people keep doing that could easily be avoided.

1. I can sometimes be really bad at answering e-mail, so if you have a comment about my page but don't have a specific question or anying, please consider signing my guestbook instead.

2. As much as I'd like to be, I am not up to date on the third season. I can't send you a tape or tell you about the latest episodes, so please don't ask me. There are plenty of other people on the web who can help you (these people here, for example).

If you still want to e-mail me, click here. I'm not usually this much of a grouch, really I'm not...

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