Version 1.6, by Sarah Mulholland and many contributors

Comments and suggestions are welcome, so please e-mail me if you have any ideas. (I know some of the directions are out-of-date.)

This game can be played with either alcohol (Chianti is recommended), or jello or ginger ale for those of you who don't favour drinking.
If you're playing this game with alcohol, don't do anything stupid like operate heavy machinery.

Now, onto the game...

Take a sip if:
Caroline wears her glasses on the top of her head
Someone drinks coffee (2 sips if it isn't from Caroline's coffee maker)
Richard or Caroline are seen working (2 sips if they both are)
Del accidentally insults Caroline and then tries to fix it up
Caroline says "Richard..." in an exasperated tone after Richard makes a sarcastic comment
Richard puts on or takes off his coat and scarf
Richard says "This is not my problem" or "You have got to be kidding"
A previous-generation sitcom star shows up (2 sips if they're playing themselves)
Richard isn't wearing his glasses (2 sips if he takes them off during the scene)
Annie talks in a weird voice or imitates someone
Someone makes a comment about how depressing Richard is
Annie mentions "Cats" or is shown in her costume
Someone gets a drink out of Caroline's fridge
Richard tells a sad story about his past
Someone talks about the dangers of New York (2 sips if they experience it first-hand)
Richard gets a commission and loses it by the end of the episode
Annie fights with her mother
Someone implies that someone else has no spine
Caroline twirls her hair
Richard finishes Caroline's sentence (2 sips if he isn't making fun of her)
Richard makes a nasty about his mother
Caroline comments about life in Wisconsin
Del and Charlie try to pick up women
Someone gives Richard dating advice

Take a gulp if:
Annie and Caroline say "Get out!" "I'm out!" (2 gulps if it's someone else)
Richard threatens Salty
Caroline complains about her family (if you're watching "Caroline and the 28lb Walleye", just pace yourself with those drinks, okay? :)
One of Richard's paintings is shown (2 gulps if he's painting it at the time)
Del's office is shown
Salty steals someone's food, or at least tries to
Annie goes to Richard's apartment
Two main characters hug
Caroline talks to Salty (2 gulps if Salty responds by meowing)
Richard is shown in his painting shirt
Someone hides in Richard's closet
Richard looks like he's going to tell Caroline how he feels about her, then chickens out (drink everything in sight and cheer wildly if he does tell her)
Someone mentions a watch
Annie flirts with a guy (2 gulps if she's actually going out with him at the time)
Richard mentions his lack of female reproductive apparatus
Richard sincerely smiles (2 gulps if it's at Caroline)
Richard has his shirt off (2 gulps if it's in front of Caroline)
Richard kisses Caroline or vice versa (drink everything in sight if it's mutual and sincere, ie. not a dream)

Drink your entire drink if:
Someone mentions "Cathy"
The episode ends with Caroline and Del sleeping together (drink everything in sight and lose faith in the show if it's after the first season)
Anyone eats take-out food in Caroline's apartment
The kitchen at Remo's is shown
Someone gets water thrown in their face (2 drinks if it isn't Richard)
Richard does someone a favour and doesn't expect money for it
Someone talks about sincere amore
The name of an episode is mentioned by any of the characters (eg. when Richard said "I know this is probably a long shot...")
Del is right about something
Richard goes somewhere with Caroline without her begging him
Richard is nice towards Salty
The writers make use of Malcolm's singing talent and get Richard to sing
Julia gets what's coming to her
Annie lets her knowledge of Richard's letter or Caroline's phone message slip

Drink everything in sight if:
Richard wears brightly coloured clothing
Richard's Mafia connection surfaces again
Charlie isn't wearing his rollerblades
Richard gets some friggin' chairs :)
Richard orders food from Remo's
Richard and Annie sleep together
Caroline literally vaults the desk
Hilton Trainer writes a great review of Richard's work

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