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This page is all about Keegan and Don Johnson

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I am in the process of adding to all my pages. Stay tuned. Make sure to join my email-list, and please let me know if you have any ideas on how to make this page great!!

To start, I want to share a picture with you. This picture was taken during the height of the Miami Vice era. My momma was such a DJ nut back then that she "wallpapered" her bedroom wall with pictures of DJ and the cast of Miami Vice. Most people I try to explain this to, just don't believe me so I am sharing these pics with everyone. Keep in mind that the two pictures show one entire wall, the other four walls were just as covered but were hard to photograph. You'll just have to trust me. Take a look - - - - - -

pawHey all, things have been moving a little slow lately. Please bare with me while I update these pages. THANKS.

pow!Check out the new DJ Animation Section Belowpow!rainbow

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I have had a few requests about a poster of DJ as Sonny coming out of the surf. You can't see the poster in the pictures above, but I do have it. I will be adding it to this page as soon as I can get my film developed and scanned it. Thanks for the patience.


DJ in the News

Here are two great links that have the latest info on what Don Johnson has been up to - Check them out--


Pick a Link and away you go.

paw Don Johnson News This page is from some insiders on the Nash Bridges set. Good source of what DJ is up to, but remember it is what DJ wants said.
paw Celebsite on Don Johnson This site has the latest gossip on DJ in their news and information link.
paw New at the Site Our friend Kate Jones works with DJ and updates the comings and goings of the Nash Bridges crew and of course DJ himself.


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Keegan and DJ

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This my favorite page. It has a list of all the movies I have found that DJ was is. Some are hard to find but keep looking. Most of these titles are great. If you know of a movie not listed here, send it and a brief summary to me. Thanks.


Keegan and DJ at the Movies Titles Starring DJ. Created by ME!!

Coming Soon ! Updates. I have had some email about movies that are missing from this list. The titles are listed now but I need summaries. If you have seen the movies, send me what you thought about it.


Keegan and Momma

This page has real pics of me and momma. There are also links to all the things momma and me likes. Take a look!!


Me and Momma Page Everything about my momma and me!!!

Coming Soon - Pages for some of my momma's other favorites including Gary Cole, Garth Brooks, Sting, And TV shows - American Gothic, and Forever Knight. Stay Tuned.


DJ Stats and Stuff

paw DJ Information Page Don Johnson stats. Family pictures and more.


new!DJ Animationnew!

I have created some animated gifs with DJ as the star .Please take a peek and drop me a line.

(Some older browsers can't read animated gifs. If the pictures don't change, then this won't work. Sorry)

paw DJ In the Movies Take a peek at pics of DJ in various movie roles. These pics were mostly from Photo Gallery.
paw Nash Bridges Original Introduction I got these pics from the Photo Gallery too. It has great pics of very young DJs.


Thanks for stopping by. If you know of any other sites that have great info on DJ please drop me a line. Later. Thanks. Keegan.


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