As a compliment to pages on Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and Blake's 7 I've started to 'do' Trek. I've held off because of the sheer scale so some pages won't have reviews of every episode yet but they will be added to from time to time. At the moment, only Classic Trek and TNG have something about every episode but these will all be expanded over time. Check back every few months to see progress...

NOTE: This won't be complete till late 2000 at the earliest. Bear in mind that all reviews are under construction and pieces will be added from time to time. Click on the link below


The movies. Original crew and TNG crew.

Go Back to where it all started. This contains practically every well known Trek moment for non fans though most Trekkers have embraced a later incarnation as their favourite. Kirk and Co still kick ass

Picard and his crew are very different from the original series and hits in their own right

Two shows at once? DS9 is the only series to be on it's own for half a season yet after a slow start (where have we heard that before), it finally hit its stride in the fourth season


Also coming to an end, Voyager is the least popular  after it's inital seasons bored viewers only to have a TNG-style reawakening in the third season.