Due South & Buffy - How Similar are they?

Things in Common
Due South
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
’Full of Grace’ by Sarah McLachlan used when a character almost dies Played when Ray went to the hospitol after being shot (Call of the Wild 1) Okay, so Angel didn’t die he just got sent to hell, same difference (Becoming II)
Ghosts used in both shows Fraser Sr. was one of the strangest ghosts I’ve ever seen :) the ‘I Only Have Eyes for You’ ep. was such a great ghost love story
At least one character is from a foreign country Fraser is from Canada Giles is from England
Both are Dramas A Dramatic Comedy A dramatic comedy with some horror thrown in as well
The guys are majorly cute Kowalski and Fraser need I say more? Oz, Xander, Angel need I say more?
Strong female characters Thatcher is a VERY strong female character. Frannie is strong even if not all together there at times Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia kick demon ass!
Quote about paying your dues In 'Chinatown' Fraser says "You know, you--you let a wolf save your life, they make you pay and pay and pay...". He uses this line in a few other episodes too In The Wish ep. Willow said "She should make us pay... and pay and pay and pay--  In fact, there's just not enough pay for what we--." to which Xander replied "Look, you wanna' do Guilt-a-Palooza, fine, but I'm done with that."
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