Due South: "It's a Mountie thing"

Okay, Pitter Patter let's get at her, let's do this web thing

It's a rather long story and it takes exactly two hours to tell, but basically there's this really cute Mountie who first came to Chicago on the trail of his father's killer, and for reasons that don't need to be explored at this juncture, he's remained attached as Liaison with the Canadian Consulate

I've got Fanfic over here, which is just some stories I've written based on the show.

Then if you'll just step this way, you can read some stories out of Fraser Sr.'s Journals

Or perhaps you'd like a nice Inuit story instead.

Over here is a comparison of my favorite shows Due South and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A list of music used in the show can be found here.

Follow this link to my Kowalski page. Gotta love him!

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