as of....7/01/99

Archive update, but you won't find any of the new stories on the geocities server. Please click the link below for my dencity website. All new updates will be housed there. This page will stay up to redirect people for a bit, but aside from that, it isn't going to be update.

as of.....6/30/98

  1. New Link for this site (I'm leaving Geocities soon). Please update your bookmarks/links!!:

    No more banners or popups!! Let us all rejoice!!!!

as of.....6/28/99

  1. Archive Update. I added about 13 new stories and updated 2. I still have a couple more to put up, so keep them coming!!
  2. I added 2 new links. One to Kora's Page and one to the brand new Sunnydale Art Gallery.I also fixed the link to the INCREDIBLY HUGE graphics archive: And you Thought YOU were obsessed with BtVS.
  3. I added a universal feedback form for readers to send their favorite authors feedback right from the site!!
  4. Two new cool sites that were brought to my attention are: and These are two VERY cool sites. Check out the information and Buffy MP3s and other awesome stuff.
  5. I also made the Willow and Stake Award *much* prettier (at least in my opinion, although if you liked the other version we can go back). Those are the awards you can apply for from this site. I also added a new one called the Key Award. It's for fanfic archives.
  6. I am finally caught up with all of the awards that nice people gave to me.
  7. Two last things, please remember to send hard working authors feedback because they really do spend time and effort on their stuff and it's nice to hear back from the readers AND can we make a *meager* attempt to use the sad little posting board I set up on the mainpage? Please? hugs, ~Seren

As of....6/26/99

  1. In addition to the 42 stories I added 3 days ago (for everyone who missed that update) I just updated the Top Ten Reader Recommended Stories and did a major overhaul on alot of the graphics on the archive. This'll probably be happening all week, so let me know what you think (I appreciate all comments!! :) ) I'm considering reworking the mainpage too. (Everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't we? ;) Spiffy Cranberry CD, that one...)
  2. Oh, and I got a new Posting Board. The other one just wasn't doing it for me. Let's try to actively use this one, guys! (if just to yell at me about updates if nothing else, LOL) Any suggestions?

As of...6/23/99

  1. Archive Update This update is as hardcore as they get. Not for the weak of heart. The sheer volume of fics I had in my box waiting to be coded is really embarassing. I'm SORRY!!! Uhm..I'm all caught up now. Go take a look.
  2. And you never thought I'd do it....I updated my links!! There's a ton of new really great sites there with pretty banners and descriptions. If I said I'd link to you and haven't yet, let me know, okay? Otherwise, I should be caught up.
  3. I'm also caught up with the awards that were graciously given to me. (oh wait...strike that. Almost caught up.) Uhm, you can go check it out too.
  4. That's it for now. I might have more to babble about later. Off to biochem class!! Enjoy the update and *please* send the author's feedback because they're upset with me for taking so long (I'm premed...pity...I beg....) hugs!!~Seren

As of...6/17/99

  1. I'm still waaay busy so sorry about the incredible delays. As a really tiny fic update, I'm putting up the link for a new fic of mine called 'Protector'. It's W/A oriented so if you dig that couple, please go take a look. I have a biochem exam this Monday (yes, I'm taking a class during the summer) and I have research due for my job soon, so I'll try my best to sneak something in between then.
  2. It's also come to my attention that there's a boycott being organzied against the WB for continuously..well, screwing over Buffy and the fans. If you're interested, the way it works is, from now until they show the Graduation Part 2 episode or Earshot (or when hell freezes over, whichever is sooner) don't watch the WB at all or buy any of their merchandise (Naturally, this includes Dawson's Creek, Charmed, Felicity, etc. COme on guys, it's only for a few months and you *know* they're all repeats!!). This is especially important for Neilson families (you know who you are). Your support is appreciated and thanks to Amy ( for passing the word along to me so I could post it here.
  3. Questions?? let me know!

As of....5/22/99

  1. Archive Update!
  2. Must...sleep....

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