The Neverhood Page of Pages

The Neverhood Page of Pages

Hey! I'm kinda sorta a little back! We're havin' our fall break and I get off for about a week! So I'm gunna update some stuff! Cause now I have the time! You still won't notice but I AM updating! See ya!

Hey! Welcome to The Neverhood Page of Pages! Here you can read some stories. Join' the Nifty Neverhoodians!! See some Bios of my characters, and look at some animation! I'm working VERY HARD to get this page keepin' up with all the new stuff going around and all.

If you find ANY links that are really messed up then tell me

Updates! Last - 8-14-99

FanFics! - Read all these stories about me or be me, and some are by Gibbie! Infact most of them are.

NiftyNeverhoodians! - If you want to join the NNs then Email me!!!!This part is pretty cool and has some "Klay Art" By Gibbie! And just some drawings of where the NN's live which are ALSO by Gibbie!

Links! - If you wanna venture into other places, or just plain sick of this place, then go here! You can get in here by signing my Guestbook! or takeing my Poll!

Doodles is awesome! - Doodles is the coolest and nicest hoodian bro out there! And here's something in his honor.

Bios of my Characters - Ok, All of these except Estoborg and Diablo where drawn by DoodLes and I want to THANK HIM!

My first animation! - I finally did one! It's not that great but It's my first. Klogg change baaaaaaad.

Poll my site! - Here's just a li'l poll I put together, it'll take about 2 minutes so can you fill it out? Yes, it DOES work.

Cheats...hehehe... - Oh come on! Everyone cheats! And these really aren't cheats! They're hintful helps :) They're also on DoodLes and Peeshy's site but if you don't about it there then why not come here, yes?

Here is the kluba I'm in!
Da Klub o' Hoodians!

Only more days until I turn into a skull monkey!

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