I have a B.S. in biology and a B.A. in writing and am currently working on a Masters in biology. I am interested in molecular biology and eventually hope to do DNA or protein research of some kind. I also want to publish a mystery novel.

I'm very interested in science, history, communication, language, writing, and anthropology, and the courses listed below reflect those interests. Here you will find listed the undergrad courses I have taken, along with selected favorite papers I have written as course requirements.

ANT 2330 Cross Cultural Communication

ANT 2460 Archaeology

ANT 390M Contemporary Japanese Culture

ANT 440B Culture & Biology in the 20th Century

ASB 245 Indians of the Southwest

BIO 1080 Intro to General Biology

BIO 1090 Intro to General Biology Laboratory

BIO 2100 General Botany

BIO 2310 Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 2400 General Microbiology

BIO 3050 Cell & Mollecular Biology

BIO 3600 Genetics

BIOL 4064 Advanced Cellular Biology

BIO 4440 Virology

BIO 4470 Microbial Genetics

BIO 4540 Plant Ecology

CHE 1800 General Chemistry I

CHE 1810 General Chemistry II

CHE 1850 General Chemistry Laboratory

CHE 2700 Intro to Criminalistics

CHE 2750 Arson & Explosives

CHE 3100 Organic Chemistry I

CHE 3120 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

CHE 4310 Biochemistry I

CHE 4350 Biochemistry I Laboratory

CHS 380B Exploring Folklore

COM 2610 Intro to Technical Writing

ENG 101 Freshman Composition: the Essay

ENG 1020 Freshman Composition: Research, Analysis, & Documentation

ENG 2100 Intro to Literary Studies

  • A Rose for Emily

ENG 2220 American Literature: Civil War to Present

ENG 2410 Survey of Chicano Literature

ENG 2500 Art & Craft of Writing

ENG 3030 Semantics

ENG 311A American Renaissance Literature

  • The House of the Seven Gables
  • Alabaster Chambers and Hope’s Feathered Wings: A Contrast/Comparison of Two Dickinson Poems

ENG 3440 Myth, Symbol & Allusion

  • Just Job
  • Unseen Things
  • The Ceremony of Storytelling

ENG 3460 Children's Literature

ENG 3510 Advanced Composition

ENG 3521 Poetry Workshop (You can find a couple of these poems under Original Works)

ENG 352B Fiction Workshop

ENG 382B Science Fiction Workshop

ENG 382J Poetry Form & Meter (You can find a couple of these poems under Original Works)

ENG 4520 Advanced Writing

EQS 105 Principles of Equine Science

GEG 1000 World Regional Geography

  • The Chechen Point of View

GEG 1200 Intro to Environmental Science

GEG 1400 World Resources

  • Australia: Important Natural Resources
  • Australia: the Economy
  • Australia and Indonesia

HIS 102 Western Civ: 1789 to Present

HIS 1210 American History to 1865

HIS 1250 China, Japan, Korea since 1800

  • A Closer Look at Confucianism

HIS 3520 Civil War & Reconstruction

JPS 1010 Beginning Japanese I

JPS 1020 Beginning Japanese II

MTH 1110 College Algebra

MTH 1120 College Trigonometry

NUT 2040 Introduction to Nutrition

PHI 1030 Ethics

PHY 2010 College Physics I

PSC 1010 American National Government

SPE 1010 Public Speaking

SPE 3520 Language Acquisition

SPE 3740 Psychology of Communication





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