Welcome to a corner of the Web devoted to the wonderful world of writing. This site contains my various creative and academic writing endeavors, posted here for your reading pleasure.

The first story I ever wrote was an illustrated children's story, roughly four handwritten pages featuring Roger Rabbit. I was probably seven or eight years old. My next few masterpieces included a fable about a bear and a cockroach, a three page murder mystery, and a very brief essay on the eutrophication of streams.

Over the past twelve or so years, my portfolio has expanded somewhat to include some poetry, short stories, longer stories, and many, many research essays. Sadly, I no longer illustrate my stories with crayon and colored pencil, but hopefully my writing has improved some. :-)

Feel free to enter the world of fan fiction, stories based on some favorite television characters. Or, if knowledge is what you crave, try an essay or two. There's a wide variety of subjects to pick from. Finally, if you feel brave, take a peek at some of my original creative writings. Whatever you choose, enjoy yourself!




Last Updated April 23, 2006

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