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After being offline for a long time due to internet and cumpet comlications, the page has been updated with new chapters of Surrounded to the end

This page is dedicated to the best couple on the ABC soap General Hospital. Well, as of April 16, 1999 they weren't a couple, as the character of Lucky had 'died'.
Lucky has been recast. NO!!!!!!!However, I am calm. I will try to accept Jacob Young even though Jonathon Jackson is the only Lucky Spencer

Click on picture of Jacob Young to read his 'diary entry. It is so hilarious! You HAVE to read it.

Ever since the fire at Lucky's place, I have listened to "Elizabeth" and the motage I compiled against Killing em Softly. Let me tell you, it's not a good way to cheer yourself up.

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Okay, even if you've done it already, please vote again fro fanfic. With the start of my new one Choices to Live By, I added it on there. if you haven't already filled it all out, please do so now.

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I apologze if you can't see the pictures for the links to pictures, sounds and fanfic. I assure you they, and the banner at the top are very nice. However, they don't show up on some computers. I shaped them in Paintcan on an Aptiva. When I put them on, I can see them when I visit it on my old internet browser, but when I view my page in my new one, they don't show up. I do not know why this happens, so I don't know waht I can do to change it.

ALso, in the new browser and on some of yours, the GH theme song does not play in the back ground, I apoloigize for taht as well, but do not know how to change it.
!!!!Okay, Request here. I did haev somebody who was converting my .bmp picture files to jpg to save disk space and make it so that nearly everyoen could see them. She only got two done, but I was wondering if anyoen else has the capability to do that? Especially if I cannot get rid of the large bmp files, I will definately have to delete nearly all my pictures soon. I might have to eventually anyway, but this will at least put it off for awhile. I still cna't find a way to get the GH theme to be playing in the background. Mayeb however, if I ahd a midi file of it instead of .wav. If anyone has a place where I can download a Midi of the GH theme, pleas e-mail me and tell me where.

I simply got another webpage for hte pictures, so now I can have lots more. Only the first three pages are up though

Sice geocities decided to give mroe diskspace, I know have Luke's rememberance of Lucky.

Where Do We Go From Here? (completed)

I Swear (completed)

Surrounded (completed)

Choices to Live By {chapters up to !7!)

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Standard disclaimer: I am in no way connected with General Hospital, the characters of GH or any other affiliate of it. This is strictly a fan page.


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