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What was your favorite part of this class?
  • My favorite part of this class is having Rick teaching it. He's a great instructor! He explains the materials so well.

  • Everything! God sent you Richard Hopper, don't let him leave. I hope all WestLake instructors are as good, but I'll be a WestLake customer for a long, long, time. I'm thrilled!

  • My highest compliments to Rick. This is my second course with him and he's clearly the best instructor I've had. And I've taken about 20 classes this year.

  • Rick Hopper is an EXCELLENT teacher. Maybe if I'd had teachers like him in college, I'd have majored in math or computers instead of English!

  • Mr. Hopper was an excellent instructor and was very clear in his examples

  • Instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Mr. Hopper knowledge level and clarity of subject.

  • This is the second subject I've learned at Westlake and, much to my excitement, Rick Hopper was once again the instructor. I have to reiterate what an excellent instructor I find him to be. He is uncommonly good at both his communication as well as technical skills. He is a real asset to your organization and an excellent reflection upon the training that you provide.

  • I think Rick is one of your best instructors. He is an active instructor, walks around, helps everyone, knows what he's talking about, etc. good class

  • The instructor seem to feel very comfortable with the subject matter. He had no problem answering any of my questions. I really enjoyed this class!

  • i appreciate mr.hoppers' abitlity to respond and explain the info. on different levels.

  • The instructor was great!!!!! He certainly knows Java Script. He made the class very enjoyable.

  • Rick is excellent at explaining technical information (even to non-techies like me).

  • instructors always make the difference, and Rick did a great job of explaining the material and answering questions

  • The instructor seems to be very comfortable with Dreamweaver. He helped calm my fears

  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and great!

  • The expertise of the instructor

  • The instructor was very intelligent and helpful. Very Professional

  • The Instructor was very knowledgeable as well as professional.

  • Rick was very knowledgable of the course he taught.

  • The hands on experience was excellent. Rick was great in the fact that he did not read the booklet to us. He really made me feel like I was learning and actually doing things - not just copying the examples from the class.

  • The teacher was wonderful, very good at explaining things in a clear way.

  • Very good instructor, easy to follow class.

  • Rick's presentation skills are also a big asset.

  • instructors very good knowledge and ability to explain

  • It did not drag. The instructor was great, knew his subject well.

  • Rick is a great teacher - I hope the teacher for Advanced HTML is as good!

  • The instructor is clear and explains detailed instructions very well.

  • the hands on experience; also the class was small and Rick was really good about getting around to everyone.

  • Great class and a very helpful instructor. Thanks!

  • Rick is a great instructor.

  • Rick is an excellent instructor

  • enthusiatic instruction. The instructor was great.

  • The instructor kept a good pace. I truly believe his past teachings skills help instruct the class extremly well. It made very interesting

  • Wouldn't improve on anything. Mr. Hopper did an excellent job answering questions and ensuring his answers were to my satisfaction. Thanks!

  • excellent course and instructor. I had a great learning experience and look forward to the next one.

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