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Existing Sites:

The links below provide examples of some of the work that I have completed in web development, which inludes online shopping carts, full-site and database searches, online job modules, and password-protected admin modules that provide various functionality. These sites incorporate a variety of web devlopment technologies including ASP, ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and HTML.

  • Cato Store
    - Created an online store offering both books and merchandise for the Cato Institute. The store offers Cato an administration section that gives Cato the ability to manage all aspects of the store including products, orders, customers, coupons, etc. Order processing is handled in real-time, including interfacing with a fulfillment system via XML.

  • Corcoran Gallery of Art
    - Created a dynamic calendar of events, as well as an online store that sells both products and tickets to these events. In addition, I created an online administration module allowing Corcoran to manage the online store via the web. They have complete control over the products and events and can view reports about online orders.

  • International Assocation of Amusement Parks and Attractions
    - Built several online modules for this site, including a press releases management system and a job posting/search module. In addition, I integrated both a login and a site search that cover files from sites stored on separate servers.

  • National Health Policy Forum
    - Built the search programming for this site, which includes both site searches and database searches being integrated into a single search.

  • Consolidated Graphics
    - Created a database search of a network of companies and their products and capabilities. Also created an online job module where users can view jobs, apply online, and upload resumes. I also created an admin interface where Consolidated Graphics can monitor the online applications they receive and download copies of the database.

  • Automated Graphic Systems, Inc.
    - Worked on several aspects of the AGS web site. The main project that I was involved with was an online interface where customers can order print jobs online. The admin section of this project allows AGS to manage customer and product information, as well as the progress of orders. Once orders have been shipped, customers are notified and are able to track the shipment via UPS tracking.

  • American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
    - Worked on a full site search, as well as the online store which provides a full product search, shopping cart, and credit-card transaction capability.

  • Forging Industry Association - Worked on the online store which provides a full product search, shopping cart, and credit-card transaction capability.

  • Maryland Composition
    - Created a full site search of this site, and developed several forms for dealing with online applications and information requests.

  • Training Site
    - Created this site used for training colleagues in both ColdFusion and XML. The design for this site and its navigation, while basic, was done entirely using CSS, thereby making it easy to update. No images were used, with the exception of transparent gifs for spacing. Also, many programming skills were used throughout the site. In the XML portion, server side and client side XML is used, while the entire site incorporates programming that is used to display and format server side code so it can be seen for training purposes.

  • WestLake Internet Training
    - Home page for WestLake Internet Training. Using HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and Adobe PhotoShop, I built the main structure of this web site.