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Must See DC Sites
The sites listed here are the Dawson's Creek sites that I have seen and consider to be very good. If you have or know of a DC site that you belive should be here, please E-mail me and I will review your site.

Must See DC for the week of 4/24/99

Dawson's Creek Music Reference Guide - This site is THE place to be if you want to know even the most minute detail about music on Dawson's Creek. It features music for the last episode (according to country!) and has lyrics, Real Audio, WAVEs, and even a few MP3s. It tells you when CDs that have been heard on the show are being released and has a great page for the DC soundtrack (Songs from Dawson's Creek, due out April 27). As an added bonus, the graphics are awesome and make even better. You MUST check this page out.

By the Shores of Dawson's Creek Fanficiton - The owner of this site, in my opinion, is one of the BEST DC fanfiction writers on the web. She uses the characters realilistically and the plots are strong. She also writes very well-thought out commentaries about episodes. If you are a fanfiction readers, you have to see this site.

Dawson's Wrap - Okay, so this site slams the show a little bit. It doesn't mean it's bad. Their commentaries on the show are nothing short of hilarious and any close or even casual follower of the show can get a major kick out of their light-hearted (and not so light-hearted) jabs at the plot lines or characters. They even go after the commercials. It is seriously classic stuff.

Capeside Happenings - This is an all-around good news site. There are great spoilers and teasers (for those who don't want to hear exacally what happens). News of what the cast is doing is updated quite often and there is also a place telling everything that's on Dawson's Desktop for those who can't access or just don't want to wait for it to load. It's also updated very often.

Sites for the week of 12/27/98

Holly and Angie's Dawson's Creek Page - This page is still under construction, but I can tell you it will be great when it is done. It already has one of the most well done and well organized picture sections that I have seen. This is a site you need to check out.

Capeside Diaries - A great fanfiction site that is incredibly easy to navigate and has tons of pretty good fanfiction too.

Jessica's Dawson's Creek Page - This page has many great sections that have a lot of information and are also fun to look at.

Sites for the Week of 10/4/98

The Essential Dawson's Creek - I'm really running out of good things to say today. I consider myself an optimistic person, but it's still hard to think of nice things to say and different ways to say them. So I'll just put this shortly. The Essential Dawson's Creek is an excellent site and you should go there. Enough said.

The Creek - This is one of the easiest to use sites. It has creative things like the "Creek News Ticker" which shows you what has been updated as soon as you get to the site. A very fun site to go to and check things out.

Up the River Lies...Dawson's Creek!- This site has it all. Great news on the cast and has wonderful graphics. Easy to navigate around. It is up dated quite often and is one of the best sites I've seen. It is very informative, very well put together, and very good.

Sites for the Week of 9/7/98

The Un-official Dawson's Creek Web Site-Tons of pictures, tons of info, tons of fun. This site has everything you would want in a DC site. Also, for you Joey-Pacey fans, there is Pacey-Joey Romantics Site.

Dawson's Dock-this site is awesome. It has pictures from the promos for the second season, a script for an origional DC movie, and a creative "If Dawson's Creek Had to Play..." which puts DC characters in to the roles in other TV shows (i.e. Ally McBeal). Really cool stuf can be found at this site.

Capeside Cafe- Three words: really cool graphics

Sites for the Week of 8/23/98

Dawson's Creek and Katie Holmes Network - This is an awesome page. It has great graphics, a great format, and a plethera of Dawson's Creek information. I am very impressed with this site and I think that you will be too.

Mariana's Dawson's Creek Page - This is a very nice DC page with tons of spoilers and an easy to use format. I think that this site is definatly worth visiting.

The Capeside Gazette - This is a very informative DC site with tons of great info. It also includes a list of what magazines and TV shows the stars will be on. This is a very good DC news site.
The Dawson's Creek Fanfiction Archive - This site has tons of fan fiction. The fan fiction is assorted into different catagories and is very easy to navigate.

Sites for the Week of 8/16/98

Dawson's Creek Headlines - This is the best Dawson's Creek news site on the internet. It is updated constantly and has all of the best spoilers and cast information. If you love hearing about what's happening on the Dawson's Creek, you should go to this site and immediatly bookmark it. You will be really glad that you did. Trust me.

Mediocre Creek Theatre 3000-If you like to the show "Mystrey Science Theatre 3000", then you'll love this. This site puts Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen back in the school library and gives them fanfiction. Then, the characters make sarcastic remarks at the fanfiction that they are reading. This site takes Dawson's Creek fanfiction to a whole new extreme and it's hilarious.

Dawson's Creek: The Web Page-This is an excellent all-around DC page. It is always being worked on and is really an intertaining page to check out.