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The Tolkien Script Publishing (TSP) group represents a group of people that are dedicated to the scholarly study of Tolkien's invented scripts. The TSP was formally formed on January 1, 2004 and this website has replaced the former Tengwar Textbook site. This group (or guild, or society, or whatever name you prefer) has been developed with the goal of creating and publishing the best documents available on Tolkien's scripts. It is our hope that in the coming years this group and website will grow to become the one stop site for all that anyone could want in the arena of Tolkien script information.

Become a member of the TSP group by joining the forum. By submitting accepted documents you will become a full member and increase the resources available to learners and your fellow Tolkien script enthusiasts. For more information on submitting documents go to the Submission section.


TSP Review Board

Name Position Contact
Chris McKay Writer/Owner clmc3129@interlinklc.net
George LeNet Researcher/Assistant Writer geolenet@hotmail.com
Maria Sands Webmaster/Designer Private
Jimmy Gao Forum Moderator/Researcher Private
Cindy Parsons Forum Moderator/Editor/Secretary Private
The clmc3129@interlinklc.net address is the group E-mail address. All review board members have access to and check this account for relevant E-mails. This address should also be used to submit documents for review.

2001-2004 by Chris McKay and Tolkien Script Publishing. Submitted documents are copyright of their authors.