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About Me
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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello my name is Thabu Pienaarand I am from White River, South Africa.

My Testimony

One day in May 1978, I attended a prayer meeting (we have a wonderful tradition in the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC)- we hold prayer meetings between ascension day and Pentecost) and realized that I need to establish a personal relationship with Jesus. That night I DID! Wow, that was great... but nothing spectacular happened. I went on about with my life as a policeman. Then God convinced me that there are some things that should change, that I am a witness and currently not a very good one. I started attended church more regularly, was chosen to be a deacon and through this involvement, my life started changing dramatically. Naturally not all at once; slowly but surely as the Holy Spirit took control over my life. Looking back now, I realized God started the change He longed for, and that was painful, but great.

I started studying to become a attorney. Funny, I never had inner peace that that was exactly what I should do... but, the salary was good, and I liked law. After 2 years suffering through Accounting (its not so difficult, but God had a hand in this!), I realized that God is calling me. Like Abraham, I did not want to! But, if God calls you to a ministry, he won't just leave it (ask Jonah, Paul, Moses etc). At last I yielded and started studying to become a minister in the DRC. Funny(?!), suddenly I had inner peace and no trouble at all with any curriculum, not even Greek or Hebrew!

I served 2 congregations as a youth minister.  Thereafter I spend 2 years as a voluntary worker (missionary) with Child Evangelism.  Now I serve the Lord in the secular world as a Christian, witnessing while working as a MCSE/MCT at Q Data Consulting.

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