Heidelberg Catechism
Canons of Dordt
Belgic Confession


The Heidelberg Catechism
Elector Frederick III commissioned Zacharias Ursinus, professor at Heidelberg University, and Caspar Olevianus, the court preacher, to prepare a manual for catechetical instruction.
Canons of Dordt
They were composed by an ecclesiastical assembly, and are the expression of the Synod's judgment concerning the Five Points of the Remonstrance; namely
maintaining the truths of sovereign predestination,
2) particular atonement,
3) total depravity,
4) irresistible grace, and
5) perseverance of saints
Belgic Confession
This Confession was written primarily as a testimony to the Spanish king to prove that the Reformed believers were not rebels, as was charged, but law-abiding citizens who professed only those doctrines which were the teachings of Holy Scripture.


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