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Celebrating the Golden Age of British Musical Theatre, each issue of The Gaiety
contains news and reviews of current and forthcoming productions, interviews with artistes and a whole range of features and articles celebrating the heritage of British Musical Theatre.


Winter 2005

  • “Life’s a pudding full of plums!”
    An Interview with Bruce Graham
  • Sweet Nothings: The Story of Musical Comedy
  • Walter Passmore (Michael Walters)
  • Review: Maidenly Perfection
  • Review: Palaeophonics George Grossmith Jr Volume 1, Phyllis Dare, The Maid of Artois

Autumn 2005

  • “Old memories crowd around me”
    An Interview with Gillian Knight
  • The Antithesis of Boldness: Miss Olive Morrell in England and Australia (Rhian Davies)
  • Review: Musical Comedy on the West End Stage
  • Reviving Michael Balfe’s The Maid of Artois Raymond J Walker
  • Dorothy Sketches (Michael Walters)
  • Discovery! Lost Operettas … Found! Dorothy and The Arcadians
  • Discovering Dorothy (Neil Midkiff)
  • Dorothy’s Degrees of Separation (Marc Kenig)

Summer 2005

  • “Said I to myself, said I”
    An Interview With Derek Hammond –Stroud, OBE
  • The Hour of Soft Enchantment - The Music of Arthur Goring Thomas
  • Remembering June Bronhill (Geoff Bowden)
  • Jessie Bond and the English Light Opera of her Time (Michael Walters)
  • Jessie Bond Remembers… From the Strand Magazine, December 1925
  • A Source of Innocent Merriment Buxton International G&S Festival 2005 Review: A Disagreeable Man?


Spring 2005

  • “A fascination that few can resist”
    An Interview With Patricia Leonard
  • Leinester’s Ladies (Andrew Lamb)
  • Emmie Owen (Roderick Murray)
  • A Chat with Mr John Crook
    The Era: 8 February 1902
  • An Awfully Big Adventure…
    John Crook’s Incidental Music to Peter Pan
  • Discovering George Grossmith in Folkestone
    (Jan-Christine Johnson)

Winter 2004

  • An Interview with Sidney Jones
    from the Strand Musical Magazine
  • Obituary: June Bronhill 1929—2005
  • "Behold the Lord High Executioner"
    An Interview with Richard Suart
  • The Royal English Opera gives North American
    premiere of The Nautch Girl (Scott Farrell)
  • The Nautch Girl: An Interview with Miss Lenore Snyder and Miss Jessie Bond at the Savoy
    Illustrated London News 15 August 1891
  • A Note on the London Career of Lenore Synder
    (Michael Walters)

Autumn 2004

  • Victorian Opera: The Maid of Artois (Raymond Walker)
  • In Dahomey at the National Portrait Gallery
  • "A Song to Sing O!"
    An Interview with John Reed OBE
  • Notes on the Licence Copy of A Country Girl
    (Roderick Murray)
  • An Interview with Mr Ivan Caryll
    From the Strand Musical Magazine
  • Reviews: The Maid on the Mountains on CD;
    Evelyn Gardiner—Flying Opera Singer

Summer 2004

  • Gaiety Girls at the National Portrait Gallery
  • Interview: Cynthia Morey
  • My First Appearence - Isabel Jay
  • Forty Years at the Players' Theatre! (Geoffrey Brawn)
  • Countess Maritza at Sadlers Wells

Spring 2004

  • Interview: Marilyn Hill Smith
  • Edwardian Musical Comedy on CD (Andrew Lamb)
  • Hamish MacCunn as Conductor (Alasdair Jamieson)
  • Forgotten Stars of the Musical Theatre reviews

Issue 2: Autumn 2003

  • Happy Japan! Notes on the Licence Copy of The Geisha (Roderick Murray)
  • Recollections of Clara Dow (Mary IIllingworth)
  • Interview: Michael Kilgarriff
  • An Edwardian in New York (David Seatter)

Issue 1: Spring 2003

  • Leslie Stuart Reviews (Roderick Murray)
  • Composers' Mechanical Copyright Stamps (Adam Miller)
  • Hamilton Clarke: Composer, Organist, Conductor and Assistant to Sir Arthur Sullivan (Philip L Scowcroft)
  • A Gaiety Tribute (Philip L Scowcroft)
  • Serendipity and West End Nights (Geoff Bowden)
  • Alfred Reynolds: The Early Years (Philp L Scowcroft)
  • Elsie Spain in The Mountebanks (Roderick Murray)
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Issue 1: Spring 2003

  • English National Identity and the Comic Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan (Derek B Scott)
  • Jane Annie: The First Production Since 1893? (Gordon Pullin)
  • Larking Better Than They Know: J M Barrie and Arthur Conan Doyle's Jane Annie (Cliff Coles)

Issue 2: Autumn 2003

Peter Downes examines the Pollard Opera Company productions of the Savoy Operas in New Zealand

Hal Kanthor explores collecting the works of W S Gilbert and highlights a few favourite items from his own collection.

The radio and TV broadcasts of the Sadlers Wells G&S productions are revisited.

The Savoy: Spring 2004
  • “The awful thing about that final night was that no one came round to see us, none of the management, no one…”
    Roberta Morrell
    reminisces on her time in the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company.

  • Philip Scowcroft examines the early touring D’Oyly Carte companies that performed in Doncaster.

  • Michael Walters looks at the life and career of Rosina Brandram.
The Savoy: Summer 2004
  • “Gilbert and Sullivan has a style and to me that style is sacrosanct…”
    Michael Rayner talks about his life and career in the D’Oyly Carte!

  • Fred Sander examines W S Gilbert’s play Pygmalion and Galatea.

The Savoy: Spring 2005

“The Law is the True Embodiment…”
An Interview with Alistair Donkin

A Swedish Adaptation of Cox and Box
(Kimmo Ericksson)

Durward Lely (Michael Walters)

Review: Buxton International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival 2004 (Tony Rounsefell)

Review: Patience—Grim’s Dyke Opera Company
(Paul Howarth)

The Savoy: Summer 2005

What the First Night Critics said of Ruddygore
(Michael Walters)

Shreds and Patches
Inside the D'Oyly Carte Archive

D'Oyly Carte In Dublin 1878-1964
(David Skelly)

The Savoy: Autumn 2005

The Sun whose rays are all ablaze
An Interview with Valerie Masterson

What the First Night Critics said of Ruddygore
Part Two: Score and Performers
(Michael Walters)

Kenneth Sandford Memorial Service
Friday 6 May 2005

Gilbert and Sullivan on Mastermind

The Rose of Persia
New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players


The Savoy: Winter 2005

Richard Temple’s Voice and the Mikado’s Laugh
(Michael Walters)

A Disagreeable Man?
An Interview with Charles Pemberton

The D’Oyly Carte in Doncaster: A Supplement and Sporting Footnote (Philip Scowcroft)

Obituary: Lorna Pobjoy

Gilbert & Sullivan Down Under
(Mel Moratti)

Reviews: Patience, Oh, Joy , Oh Rapture

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Daly's is an annual journal focussing on longer articles looking at specific creators and works from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
A4 in size, 50 pages and wirebound.

Both issues are now out of print.


Issue 1: 2002

  • Adrian Ross (Ken Reeves)
  • Sidney Jones and Star Blossom (Roderick Murray)
  • The Godfreys (Philip L Scowcroft)
  • Ellen Beach Yaw and The Rose of Persia (Michael Walters)
  • The 1914 Revival of A Country Girl (Roderick Murray)
  • J Bannister Howard and A Country Girl (Ken Reeves)


Issue 2: 2003

  • The Lucky Star (Clifton Coles)
  • Daly's and its Continental Composers (Andrew Lamb)
  • Miss Rosa Lind (Eddie Bashorun)
  • The Gaiety in St Petersburg (Dr Jana Polianovskaia)
  • Establishing a Performing Text for Leslie Stuart’s
    Havana (Roderick Murray)
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Libretti to the one-act operettas, performed as curtain raisers to the Gilbert & Sullivan operas at the Savoy Theatre, these are delightful short pieces which would make an excellent alternative for amateur groups looking to vary their repertoire from Trial by Jury and Cox and Box! Available from the editorial address at £2.50 each, including p&p.

Mock Turtles
(Out of print)
Mr Jericho
(Out of print)
In the Sulks!
Old Sarah

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D'Oyly Carte Opera Company in northern Ireland

A 36 page A5 monograph, written by Michael Walters, which examines four early D’Oyly Carte tours of northern Ireland which took place in the 1880s.

Available from the editorial address at £3.50, including p&p.


The Nautch Girl

A study of first night press reviews of the 1892 Savoy Opera The Nautch Girl.

Available from the editorial address at £3.50, including p&p.

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