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The Yamaha QS300 Resources Site is dedicated also to musicians. That's why we decided to give to you out there a special space, a page on which you can publish your own compositions.

Submit us your songs in the QS300 proprietary format (.q3s) and/or in standard MIDI file format (.mid). We will post them here, completely free of charge. And of course with your name and, whether you should like, with your brief profile and contact co-ordinates (if you like: privacy first !).

How to enter ?

Click here for the QS300 song collection ! Do you like to submit QS300 song(s)?

Click here for MIDI song collection ! Do you like to submit MIDI song(s)?

Click here for MP3 song collection ! Do you like to submit MP3 song(s)?

As well as for the classified advertisements, even for publishing your compositions some rule apply:

Rules and reccommendations

We respect freedom, therefore please respect the following rules:

  1. send us only your own original compositions along with an email with your expressed consent to publish the song(s); 

  2. we cannot accept and publish songs that are copyrighted;

  3. we don't encourage piracy: do the same !


We are  not responsible neither liable for any song and music composition published on this Page. This Page will host in good faith whoever will like to publish his own original compositions, and it has no direct neither indirect commercial purposes at all to any whatsoever extent.