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Looking for mp3 songs ? We have a small but selected collection. Want to know how the Raver's Babe sounds ? The authors of the songs published here below have in their set up the Yamaha QS300 ! Try to check their songs !

bulletA friend of ours, Dirk Dehler, German musician producing his music with the Yamaha QS300, published two of his songs in the mp3 format (note: the site is in German). Click here to go to the Dirk Dehler site ! Two songs to listen to !
bulletAnd if you have chance, listen to this techno song by Jeff Ahrenholz:
There is Freedom.mp3
bulletBaseBumper posted on line quite a big collection of Techno/Electro-- Dance, Techno, Trance and Ballads on his page at Track4. Go to have a look to them !
bulletDirk Dehler made available seven brand new songs at his web site: go to check them at !
bulletGoing around the Internet, we discover an interesting German musician, Simon Thorsten a.k.a. Benny, producing his songs with a musical set-up including a Yamaha QS300. Therefore we are listing him here. If you are interested, go to his own website, clicking here ! There is lot of music to listen to and download !




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