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bullet22.01.04: After almost 1 year an update yo our site!
bullet31.01.03: The QS300 Software Page in the Links Section has been updated !
bullet16.01.03: Some new additions in the Musicians Page and in the Links to us Page !
bullet15.01.03: A new composition from M. Ardhi has been added in our Compositions Page - MIDI Songs ! Go there to listen to it !
bullet25.10.02: Some news again ! Our site has been linked by Libdex and Smartseek !
bullet03.09.02: A new Australian search engine is now indexing us: WebWombat !
bullet17.07.02: Two more search engine are indexing us: and topsearcher !
bullet29.06.02: We are indexed by alexa web search !
bullet27.06.02: A new useful trick to access an hidden feature of the QS00's Phrase Mode has been added. Go to read about it at the Tips & Tricks Page.
bullet26.06.02: Two other search engines are indexing us: The whatUseek Directory and the
bullet10.06.02: We are listed in the directory of !
bullet09.06.02: Take note: we renamed our previous "Information Page". Now, it is called " Technical Info Page". Under this page, you will find three other branches: The Techniques Page, The Tips & Tricks Page and the QS300 Users' Guide. We feel that the new name is more consistent with the content of the pages !
bullet04.06.02: Iomusic is linking us !
bullet20.05.02: Our website has been indexed by a new different type of search engine: Media Grab !
bullet19.05.02: Three new search engines are indexing the QS300 Resources Site: MusicMoz,, !
bullet12.05.02: A new page has been added: the Technical Info Page, under the Information Page. It's a step forward in the organization of the QS300 Resources Site !
bullet11.05.02: We are indexed by a new search engine: (that by the way has a strange URL). Try it, it offers an unusual but effective way to display search results.
bullet10.05.02: Seven new mp3 songs added on our MP3 Page. Check them out !
bullet09.05.02: We are indexed by the Italian tiscali, the Spanish and most of all by the authoritative Sonicstate-Synthsearch !
bullet06.05.02: A new technical tip has been added about the improvement of the computer performances to make music. Go to the Tips & Tricks Page to find how !
bullet03.05.02: Today the 20,000th alien visited The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site ! Congratulations to the Mata Mata Gang for the achievement !
bullet02.05.02: We changed email address. Now you can contact us at: ! Check the details on the Contacts Page !
bullet19.04.02: New addition to the Software Page and to the Links Page. And the listing of the sites linking to us is longer and longer: go to check it !
bullet08.04.02: Minor updates to the Acknowledgment Page and to the Musicians Page.
bullet07.04.02: Update of some links and added new mp3 songs produced with the QS300 by BaseBumper2000.
bullet06.04.02: The website of one of our friends and contributors is linking us: BaseBumper2000 ! Check it out ! You will find some interesting material for download. And also a new search engine is indexing us:
bullet04.04.02: This site is linking us: 411yamaha !
bullet28.03.02: Some additions to several pages. Surf around and discover them by yourself !
bullet27.03.02: A new commercial site selling sounds online for QS300 has been published on our QS300 Sounds Page, and some more information for all the entries have been added.
bullet26.03.02: A search on the search engines gave the following results: 4 new search engines are indexing us ! They are: Brint, SurfWax, LOP and Verizon !
bullet25.03.02: The Links Page has been renewed and a the new QS300 Sounds Page has been added ! You will find a list of the (online) retailers selling voice banks and styles/patterns for the QS300 ! And, by the way, the website of a musician is linking us: MoTone - Yamaha QS300 Music Production Synthesizer. Check it out ! Last but not least, we are linked by - Forums.
bullet24.03.02: A new page has been added to the QS300 Resources Site: The Musician Page. Here you will find a list of musicians using the QS300 to produce their music, along with the links to their websites. If you like to be listed, contact us !
bullet25.02.02: In the QS300 Voices Page a new section has been added: "Files in XG Gold format". And what's better, three very nice and interesting voice banks have been published. Try them immediately !
bullet21.02.02: 21 new MIDI songs added in the MIDI Songs Page ! Go to check ! And finally we revised our Home Page ......
bullet18.01.02: Another music site search engine is indexing us:
bullet17.01.02: Our site is listed in a very unconventional search engine: WebBrain. Try it, it's really interesting. Since December 12, 2001 the specialized site The Bluelife Audio Zone is linking us !
bullet15.01.02: We are listed in the Thunderstone Directory and linked by the specialized site: SongsOrg !
bullet21.11.01: A new search engine with a strange address (but is working fine and we are no. 1, as usual !): SearchTheWeb !
bullet10.11.01: Two new search engine are indexing us: Thunderstone and !
bullet18.10.01: is indexing us !
bullet15.10.01: is indexing us !
bullet12.10.01: Another Italian search engine is indexing us: ! Our website popularity is spreading everywhere !
bullet08.10.01: The British search engine and service provider is indexing us. And guess what ? We are the number one !
bullet04.10.01: Cybersearch123 is indexing us !
bullet30.09.01: The Italian search engine Tecnoradar-Tecnoseek is indexing us !
bullet25.09.01: Every day we are going more global ! Also the Slovenian search engine is indexing us !
bullet22.09.01: The Belgian search engine and NetKracker are indexing us ! Where do we stand ? In the pole position, of course !
bullet21.09.01: Our Site is linked by another Swiss site: Romandie !
bullet18.09.01: We updated the Site ! We published a new page entirely dedicated to the QS300 software, with comments and useful details for all the users of the QS300 in combination with a computer. And we published a new file (courtesy of Dave Carrol a.k.a. Euromancer) freely downloadable in the Download - QS300 Utilities: two Cubase Studio Module Drivers and a Cubase Patchname Script. Try them !
bullet17.09.01: We are rated first by ! Go there to see !
bullet12.09.01: Another search engine is indexing us: !
bullet10.09.01: A Russian search engine is indexing us: !
bullet04.09.01: has a link to The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site !
bullet31.08.01: The American engine Ask Jeeves and the British Compuserve are indexing us !
bullet30.08.01: We found our website listed in two new search engines: Sbee-Premium listings and the German site Fireball !
bullet29.08.01: The Italian search engine Arianna indexed our website !
bullet27.08.01: In Switzerland they found our website and indexed on SwissOnline: try it !
bullet23.08.01: Believe us or not, there is a new search engine that's copying (with a small difference) the name of somebody else (very famous): Ayhoo! But, believe us or not, they are also indexing us !
bullet22.08.01: A new search engine is indexing us: Oingo !
bullet21.08.01: We found another commercial source of phrases, patterns and style for the QS300: Heavenly Music. They have 2 volumes ready to be shipped to you! Check our Links Page
bullet20.08.01: A new generation search engine is indexing us: Vivisimo. Try it: it features a new way how to display the search result !
bullet10.08.01: We discovered a very good link to us on eBay ! Wow !!!!!!!
bullet07.08.01: Maybe is not a news, but we confirm you that also is linking us ! And the Australian search engine GOeureka is indexing us.
bullet04.08.01: Once again we hit the target in Portugal. Another Portuguese search engine is indexing us: !
bullet28.07.01: In Poland we are indexed also by Wirtualna Polska !
bullet25.07.01: A new tip has been published: The multitimbrical features of the QS300 - How to split the keyboard. Check it out from the Information Page - Tips & Tricks Page !
bullet24.07.01: We are indexed by MegaSpider ! And we are the no. 1 as usual !
bullet21.07.01: A German site specialized in techno music is linking us: e-tec ! Pay  them a visit !
bullet19.07.01: The search engine is indexing us !
bullet17.07.01: In Poland we are every day more popular: the search engine is indexing us ! And another search engine is indexing us: 1001
bullet13.07.01: We are indexed also by ixquick and the best news is that this engine is giving us a full Five Stars rank !
bullet12.07.01: A new Australian search engine is indeing us: Ninemsm. Try it !
bullet18.06.01: Everyday our Site is getting more and more global. A Polish search website is indexing us: Suzkaj !
bullet17.06.01: One more search engine is indexing us: MyCyberhood from Germany ! And give a look to About: The Human Internet. We are there ! Finally also hotbot is indexing us.
bullet16.06.01: is indexing us under the category: Arts: Music: Instruments: Electronic: Synthesizers: Manufacturers: Yamaha
bullet15.06.01: Wow ! A Malaysian search engine is indexing us: The Malaysia Directory ! And also the Searchateer.
bullet13.06.01: Another search engine is listing us: ! Some new links has been added. In particular we found a new site selling sounds for QS300 and a suggestion to surf in Russia and look for original songs written on the QS300 !
bullet08.06.01: We are indexed in the 1blink search engine !
bullet20.05.01: A new public statistic tracker has been implemented. You can check the statistics of The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site just clicking on the logo located at the end of the black strip on the right in the Home Page ! But take in consideration that the tracker started to count only today ! And in the Link to Us Page you will see that a new search engine is indexing us: !
bullet10.05.01: A new set of songs in .q3a format by BaseBumper2000: check it out on our Compositions-QS300 Songs Page !! And the Portuguese search site Sapo is indexing us !
bullet09.05.01: The AudioNetwork, a site specialized in music and audio, is linking us !
bullet07.05.01: The Sound Directory, a German music site, is linking us !
bullet06.05.01: ICQ Search is now indexing us, and we found that we are linked by the Bradleyb's Bookmarks !
bullet02.05.01: A Brazilian search engine is indexing us: BOL - Miner ! The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site is more and more globalized !
bullet30.04.01: A new site is linking us: Dreamscape ! This is another French site dedicated to the music of a composer, David Huguenot: thank you David !
bullet28.04.01: A nice collection of 66 songs from BaseBumper 2000 has been published today. Check it out on our Compositions-QS300 Songs Page !
bullet03.04.01: The more we surf the Internet, the more sites we are finding that are linking to us. Is it a sign of appreciation ? Check this today: XG-Files and two more search engines: and Dogpile !
bullet30.03.01: The French music Site Tout Pour La Musique is linking us ! Thank you, guys !
bullet26.03.01: We discovered another Site selling commercial voice banks for the Yamaha QS300. And also is indexing our Site !
bullet24.03.01: Give a look to the Link to Us Page: we discovered that the Turkish website Turkmidi has a link to us, and that we are indexed also by the search engine Searchalot !
bullet21.03.01: Today is the first day of Spring ! And we updated the Tips & Tricks Page with some interesting new hints for all of you, users ! First a tip on the use of XGEdit and other sequencer, second a hint on where to buy commercial sound/voice banks for the QS300 !
bullet20.03.01: The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site is member of the new "The Yamaha XG Midi Ring" !
bullet14.03.01: Lots of new links ! Check them out on the QS300 Links Page and on the Yamaha Sites Page. And a completely new page: The Other QS300 Links Page ! Finally, un update of the Links to Us Page ! The Sites linking to The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site are increasing !
bullet09.03.01: Two new sets of exotic multi-layered textures in .q3v format received and added. Thank you Willie Davis !
bullet08.03.01: Some useful technical information about the QS300 added on the QS300 Utilities Page and about the XG standard on the XG Utilities Page. Check them out !
bullet03.03.01: Added one new Tip (regarding the effect processors) in the Tips & Tricks Page. The Unofficial independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Page has a new GuestBook !
bullet19.02.01: A new bank of house, trance and tekno voices has been added. Thanks BaseBumper2000 !
bullet17.02.01: Finally the Guestbook is working again ! With a renewed look, ready to accept your messages ! Go ahead people !
bullet13.09.00: The Information Page is becoming more and more interesting ! Added a section for tips and tricks regarding the QS300.
bullet05.09.00: Added under the Compositions Page a new sub-page: files in mp3 format !
bullet29.08.00: New topic added: Information ! And under this topic 23 (!!) new pages, kindly supplied by Patrick Fouque, and forming the Yamaha QS300 Guide have been published, full of useful technical details, notes and including a list of the voices available on the market.
bullet23.08.00: New fashion for our pages. During the black out we worked at a restyling for our Site, and now it looks great !!!!!
bullet22.08.00: The Unofficial Independent QS300 Resources Site has a new Internet address (URL): !
bullet12.08.00: The old Internet address (URL) has been deleted (it was not our fault). Black out !!!! But ......
bullet11.08.00: A lot of new stuff added today: in particular so many new voice sets, patterns and styles. Check them out on the downloads pages (that have been reorganised, we hope in better) !
bullet10.08.00: Our Site is linked by Thanks ! And we are linked also by Somewhere. Thanks again !
bullet09.08.00: The manuals of the QS300 are here !!! Go to read (and download) them and get the most from your synth!
bullet04.08.00: Added a new page: The Yamaha Sites complete listing. Check it out !
bullet31.07.00: The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site has been included in the TOP 100 MIDI SITE !!!!! Our site did the great jump !
bullet25.07.00: Hi folks ! After four months of (apparent) silence (but our email was always hot) an update to our Site ! New links added in the 4 (!!!) links pages. New page implemented, dedicated to your original songs composed (and sequenced) on the Yamaha QS300. Here you can publish your compositions ! It's free, as everything here. And new voices by Dwane Woodward: don't miss them, they are here !
bullet11.09.99: Some more links added: a page dedicated to the Electronic Music in general. Give it a look !
bullet04.03.99: New links added. New link page implemented, dedicated to the MIDI songs in the XG and GM standards.  Visit it !!!!
bullet17.02.99: The QS300 Discussion and Newsgroup Page has been improved. Visit it !!!!
bullet14.02.99: The Yamaha QS300 Resources Site has been registered to the prestigious Yamaha XG Midi Ring
bullet12.02.99: A new page has been introduced in the Yamaha QS300 Resources Site: the QS300 Discussion and Newsgroup Page. Visit it !!!!
bullet05.02.99: A new page has been introduced in the Yamaha QS300 Resources Site: the Classified Ads Page. Visit it !!!!
bullet03.02.99: Two new voices files added to the Downloads Page. Improved the organization of the voices files: now it is divided in "Files in QS300 Proprietary Format" and "Files in MIDI (.mid) Format"
bullet29.01.99: New voices files added to the Downloads Page. Added two Cakewalk Instrument definition Files for QS300 and XG instruments.
bullet16.01.99: The first update to the Yamaha QS300 Resources Site. Added a new category of downloadable file: "QS300/XG Utilities".
bullet15.01.99: Added a new page dedicated to the Credits and Acknowledgment.
bullet01.01.99: The Yamaha QS300 Resources Site is launched and officially open !!!!
bullet20.12.98: The Yamaha QS300 Resources Site has been launched in his beta  release.
bulletDecember '98: Yamaha UK put the QS300 in the "Classic Corner", removing it from the "Current Models" page.