Warning: This is a summary for fans of the series, if you have not seen the series you may not want to read this as it contaims spoilers.

Albee (Kate Beahan):
  • partner to Angus
  • sister to Larissa
  • Part owner in the pub
  • Editor at Big Bear
  • Cool chick about town.
  • Coming to terms with responsibilities of adulthood.
  •  A little up tight
  •  workaholic

Angus (Peter Fenton)

  • Partner to Albee
  • Father to Juliet's child
  • friend to Paul
  • Son to Bernie
  • One of the good guys. He seems to attract the chicks without trying.
  • Fidelity seems to  be tricky  


Klaus - not his real name (Matt Doran)<
A potential Angus without the hang-ups. Idealistic, innocent- has a problem with poker machines

Larissa (Leanna Walsman)
Just kicked out of Catholic school. No parents- only a sister Albee. Emotionally dependent, tends to get into relationships easily. Drowned while trying to rescue Quentin. 


Lost his share in the pub while trying to impress a girl. Is always on the pull- he likes to think of himself as a sexual technician. Others would call him a great big dick.

Old fashioned good guy. Got his son and his housekeeper out of trouble. Moral when it comes to dealing with people. Has no moral dilemmas with pokies. 

Additional Cast:


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