In a nutshell:
Angus and Albee are in a relationship with "the rule". While they are committed, they are allowed to see other people so long as it is not flaunted in front of the other. 

They are in partnership in a pub with Angus' friend, Paul.
Paul gets himself into debt by trashing the sports car of a minor celebrity while trying to impress a girl. To get them out of trouble, Angus's father Bernie comes into the pub with Angus and Albee. 

Meanwhile, Angues has been living up to the rule and has got his father's housekeeper, Juliet pregnant. Bernie agrees to marry Juliet to make an "honest woman " of her. He knows who the father is and uses the fact that Angus doesn't want Albee to know as a why to blackmail Angus into having pokies in the pub. Angus doesn't want pokies in the pub, as it ruins the live music atmosphere. 

While this is happening, Albee's sister is thrown out of school and comes to live at the pub. Larissa is a wild free spirit, and brings a lot of baggage with her. 

It would take a lot to summarize 7 hours of drama, but believe me, it sounds like melodrama and it probably is, but it is funky too. 

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