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Photo of John Gorka

"I always felt that my speaking words was inadequate. When I was able to write words down, I could put them in order and make them say what I wanted to say better than when I spoke them. Saying words was the hardest thing, writing them down was better, but singing words I'd written down was the best thing. The words combine with the music and I felt I was able to express my whole self."

-- John Gorka, The Artist's Profile video

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The Music of John Gorka

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I Know I Know, Red House Records, 1987

Land of the Bottom Line Land of the Bottom Line, High Street Records/Windham Hill, 1990

Jack's Crows Jack's Crows, High Street Records/Windham Hill Records, 1991

Temporary Road Temporary Road, High Street Records/Windham Hill Records, 1992

Out of the Valley Out of the Valley, High Street Records/Windham Hill Records, 1994

Between Five and Seven Between Five and Seven, High Street Records/Windham Hill, 1996

After Yesterday After Yesterday, Red House Records, 1998

The Company You Keep The Company You Keep, Red House Records, 2001

Old Future's Gone, Red House Records, 2003

Writing in the Margins, Red House Records, 2006


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