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"If they don't have feet, I want'em"

Check your attic, check your basement, call Mom, go to yard sales!!

Hi, I'm "Jolly" Jim the Court PEZJester. I am a PEZ collector and dealer. I will pay you top dollar for your old PEZ dispensers (they are the ones that don't have any feet). If you happen to have some left over from your childhood, let me know. I can help turn those old toys into dollars.I'll buy one dispenser or your whole childhood collection. Sounds crazy, I know. But there are many of us who really enjoy these little plastic candy dispensers. If you have anything available, click on my e-mail address below and send me a note describing what you have for sale. These are the things to describe:

Type of head -
Describe as best you can the character represented on the dispenser (some older dispensers don't have "character" heads but look more like disposable cigarette lighters).
Also note the colors of each and all of its features (hair, hat, face, etc.)
What color is the stem -
The stem is the part you load the candy into (where it says PEZ on the side)
What country was it made in and what is the Patent number -
Near the bottom of the stem there will be a country of origin and a Patent number...these are important
What is its general condition -
Does it have any cracks or chips?
Is the paint good or is it scratched?
Does the head spring back after being opened?
Does it have any other distinguishing features -
Are there stickers on the dispenser? If so, what do they say?
Is it missing any items? Like an nose has popped off. Or, a doctor without a stethoscope? etc.

Send me this information and I will be happy to quote you a price for the purchase of all dispensers you have.

Fill me up with PEZ and play with me,
"Jolly" Jim, the Court PEZJester

1998 Send the Jester a note with what you have for sale at:
PEZJester's Mailbox

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