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Welcome to my SimFarm Page. Some people say that SimFarm is much like watching grass grow, and in some respects, that's exactly what the game is.

As the original box's catch phase said, SimFarm is SimCity's country cousin.  While the SimFarm does provide the same kind of building and planning atmosphere of SimCity, much of the player's time is spent micromanaging crops.  Unless you're into farming, it can get very tedious and somewhat boring.

As with most games with me, SimFarm was a passing fad for a time.  Unfortunately, I was never really became skilled in it's finer points and, in the end, I found myself playing SimCity 2000 instead.

I created this SimFarm website back in the day (The middle 90s) with the intention of spreading SimFarm goodness through the act of copying information out of the manual.  Since most people are playing the game, are playing without any documentation, this page will help out somewhat.

If you'd like to try this game out, as a weird gem of Sim gaming history, send me an email and let me know.

To get around my little page, I've devised a little menu based on six pictures.  Just click on them and enjoy! 

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Here are some commonly asked questions I get in my email box about SimFarm being that my site is on of the only ones left:

Sean's SimFarm FAQ:

Q: How do I fly the plane?
A: Once you buy it, and it's sitting in the airport, click on it.  Fill it up with gas and then your choice of spray and then hit Fly!  Now you should be flying around the map.  Use the arrow keys to turn and the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys to change your altitude.  Next, when your over your farm and at a low altitude, hit the HOME key to start releasing the spray.  And, when you're done, fly back over to the airport and hit END.  To me, it seems the plane seems too expensive to be useful, but then again, it's a plane, c'mon!

Q: How to I buy land?
A: Go to the map, and then click the top left icon on the map window. The icon looks like field with some water. When you click it, the map should be covered in a grid. You can now click on the squares you want to own by clicking the buy button at the bottom of the window.

Q: Where can I find Sim Farm?
A: Try bargain bins, ebay, or just shoot me an email.



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This page. The main page. The "home" page.
A description of all the animals available in Sim Farm. This includes tips and hints on how to raise each animal.
A description of each building, vehicle, and chemical in the game. The statistics and when to build it.
This is the big one. A description of each crop is provided and tips on how to grow them.
There's 24 different crops documented with a picture for each.
Sean's Sim Farm Links. There are a few but they are good.
Cheats and strategies for the whole game.


I hope you enjoy Sim Farm!
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