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Welcome to my Sim Farm Crop Page. The place for a description and tips on vehicles, buildings, and chemicals in the game of Sim Farm. They are in order of vehicles, buildings, and chemicals. For tips on this stuff go here.

The Sim Farm Remote Control

Picture and Name Information and Farm Facts.

Used for pulling plows, planters, sprayers and trailers.
Cost new: $400
Requires: Nothing
Occupies: 1 tile
Keep many on hand because they are needed for many jobs.
Keep an eye on their condition so they don't go bad.

Used for ready a field for planting
Cost new: $200
Requires: Tractor for pulling
Occupies: 1 tile
Necessary in planting crops.

Used for planting seeds in fields
Cost new: $200
Requires: Tractor, seeds
Occupies: 1 tile
Required for planting crops.

Used to spray fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide
Cost new: $200
Requires: Tractor, Choice of Fertilizer, Pesticide, Herbicide, Fungicide
Occupies: 1 tile
You need these when you have crops. Buy as many as you have fields.

Used to harvest crops from fields
Cost new: $400
Requires: Trailer, Truck
Occupies: 2 tiles
Only some crops need these. The certain few just need trucks.

Used for transport during harvest process
Cost new: $200
Requires: Harvester
Occupies: 2 tiles
Attached to harvester.

Large Truck
Used for transporting harvests to silos or to market
Cost new: $500
Requires: Nothing
Occupies: 2 tiles
Only a few crops only need these but all need them with or without harvester.

Crop Duster
Used for spraying multiple fields
Cost new:$6,000
Requires: The town must have grown large enough to build airport
Occupies: Its own airport near town
I will give more description of the plane later.


Picture and Name Information and Farm Facts.

Small and Large Silos
Used to store harvests
Cost: $800 for small and $2400 for large
Capacity: 1 harvest for small and 4 for large.
Use the small silo to fill in small spaces.
Both small and large silos can explode of filled with certain crops and weather conditions are right. Duck and cover!!!

Small and Large shed
Used to store machinery and seed
Cost: $1200 for small and $1440 for large
Capacity: 6 items for small and 9 items for large

Large and small barn.
Cost: $800
Capacity: 9 items - small ---- 12 items - large
Used to store sprays, seed, and livestock. You can store machinery in them but they make expensive garages.

Water Pump
Pumps water from natural sources with the aids of irrigation ditches. Place the pump right on the water source. For increased pressure over long distances, you can add another pump close to the water's destination. Floods will disable the pump and destroy irrigation ditches.
Used to store harvests
Cost: $1000

Used as a water source. It's capacity depends on placement--it pumps well water. Windmill water will flow though any ditch placed in front of or one tile below the mill; flooding could occur if no ditches are placed. They require 10 mph of wind to work.
Cost: $2000

Water Tower
Used to store water for livestock. It must be filled by a water source, such as a flowing irrigation ditch placed next to or in front of the tower, it will keep any troughs on your land filled if the ditches flow. Water towers can burst and cause flooding.
Cost: $200





You can be the mad scientist and mix and match Fertilizer, Pesticide, Herbicide, and Fungicide for your famished fields, though too much of a good thing can bruise the land. Additives can be put on your field manually with the spray button in the edit window or automatically with the schedule window. Try leaving lands to fallow or rotating crops to return nutrients to the soil and reduce your amounts of chemicals.
Cost: $200

The Sim Farm Remote Control

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